Valentine Kisses

Elaine Lozano

Hand over hand, Catherine slowly made her way down the rungs of the metal ladder to the world below. She expected to feel the familiar weight of Vincentís large hands clasping her waist and steadying her descent to the bottom, but she was alone. Reaching the dirt floor, she looked around the entrance, but just the muted white light from above, and the steady clang of the pipes reached out to her.

Catherine leaned against the stone wall, and with a sigh, cleared her mind, and sought out Vincent. Her novice attempts in searching the bond had been getting better, but her impatience to see him was getting in the way, and she stopped in frustration. Better just to wait for him the old fashioned way and let him surprise her when he showed up. Checking her watch, she noted she was a bit early for their dinner date, and settled her stance closer to the wall to wait for him.

Reaching into her coat pocket, she felt a few shapes she was not familiar with next to her apartment keys. She pulled them from her pocket to discover a few chocolate Hershey kisses wrapped up in red foil for Valentineís Day. Catherine smiled, remembering Joe stuffing a few in her pocket and wishing her a Happy Valentineís Day as she left the office. Unwrapping one and popping it into her mouth, she savored the melting goodness of the chocolate. Her stomach rumbled in appreciation, and she remembered that small cup of soup she ate had eaten in such a hurry for lunch, and decided to reward herself with another kiss, or maybe two. and She unwrapped the foil, and ate three more. As soon as she had done that, Vincent appeared, just as Catherine knew he would, surprising her with her mouth full of chocolate!

"Hello Catherine", his velvet voice caressing caressed her name, as his hands reached out to her.

Trying to chew discretely discreetly and swallow at the same time, Catherine just smiled with her lips pressed together and put her hands in his. Maybe he wonít notice--heís going to scold me about eating before dinner--I just know it!

Her eyes were shining, and she was hoping he would just gaze into them, while she finished eating, but Vincent stared hard at her face, his eyes narrowing, as he asked her--íCatherine, do you have something in your mouth?"

As Catherine swallowed the last of the chocolate, she pulled back a hand, and reached into her pocket, pulling out the last of the Valentine kisses. "I just ate one," she fibbed, but looking into Vincentís eyes, she owed owned up. " Ok, maybe more than one."

"You donít want to spoil the special dinner Williamís prepared for us," he reminded her gently. Catherine bowed her head in defeat and handed over the chocolate to Vincent.

Vincent smiled at her pouty face, and drew her forward into his embrace. "After all, Catherine", he whispered softly to get her attention," "There are Valentine kisses that wonít spoil your appetite." As Catherine raised her head, Vincent rewarded her with his Valentine kisses, which may not have  been chocolate, but they melted just the same.

The End