Just Another Birthday

By Monika



Today was a day she had not imagined when she was 20, or even 30 years old.


She was 60 years old!! Unbelievable!


Even so, her age was not that important. It was only a number to her family and friends. Above, beauty was seen so differently, and people over 30 were already considered a little old. It was much better being here, seeing Vincent’s eyes light up every time he looked at her, even after all these years. And particularly now, on this day, it was good to be here, and 60 was not so bad.


She smiled as she thought about Jacob’s part in the day. They had all gathered to eat, laugh, and tell stories. The new and old members of the tunnel community were all there. Nobody wanted to miss this. Then Jacob appeared in a costume similar to one he had worn when he was four years old ...



Oh, she remembered that day well. Jacob had wanted to have a part in a play, and his father didn’t know how to say no. Finally, a little part was found for him. He was to bring a very important letter on stage, Jacob had told her, proud of his part.


So the play went on, and ended, but Jacob was not in it. Then, after the play was finished, Jacob, in this little costume, earnest and proud, appeared on stage and approached his mother.


He handed a letter to her but, before she could read it, asked, “Will you marry Father?”


She looked, astounded, towards Father, before realizing that, to Jacob, Vincent was Father!! What a wonderful surprise, and a new reason to celebrate on that day.



Now, today, to see her grown son in nearly the same costume (a little bigger, of course) was a really great surprise - and it was even greater when he approached her and said, “Daddy would like to know if you would consent to marry him again. So, let me repeat the question I asked for him many years ago: Will you marry Father? He tells me all the time how wonderful the first time was, and the years since have been. Now he wants to do it again!”


What a wonderful day a birthday can be ... and all the ones still to come ...


The End