All For a Little Fun

by Monika

Originally published at WFOL2015 as part of Challenge #3


They couldn`t believe what had led them here to Father’s library to have a little rest and a good cup of tea. As the excitement died, they began to remember the destruction of the rooms four levels under them. The strange colours on the wall. And, as it happened, they were lucky that most of the aerosol was out of that can. And to think it was Vincent’s three year old Jacob … of course Father’s dearest and most dreaded young charge.

To recall all Jacob told them:

It had started for them with a BIG bang as the small kitchen of a newlywed pair (with their own chamber so they could stay to themselves) blew up! In the middle of the night of course! Thank God for stable walls in that section!

As Jacob heard of that incident and acted strange, it was only a matter of time before he confessed to Vincent he only wanted to help Mouse. He wanted to bring more colour to the tunnels.

Only days before, William had shown him how something small, like dough, could become much more … and bigger! So, since Mouse brought only one can of Silly String to the tunnels, Jacob thought the oven would help! To bring colours to Winterfest!

Now all everyone had to remember was the coloured kitchen, the small unhappy face. And had to decide how to correct the simple mistake of the small boy … and the big boy, even if this time Mouse heard the burst with the others and was just as surprised! And Father didn`t like the look in his eyes as he saw what one aerosol can could do!)

Mouse was even certain HE must explain to Jacob that in his room there were not things for finding and collecting! And he would have to explain to be more careful with gizmos!

That would be in the future, since Jacob promised (for now) NEVER again to bring a can of anything near an oven … as William said, if he tried, he wouldn`t ever a get a piece of cake again.

And Mouse …. First he was told to help bring order to that chaos! And to find new quarters for Frank and Sarah, since he brought the can down! That should take care of that until Winterfest in four weeks!!

And then?

No. Not tonight. First was there a little Jacob to take to bed. And a long talk with Father about proper education!