by Monika

All rights belong to Ron Koslow, etc.    


Catherine sat on the balcony of the house that she had inherited from her father and that had served them well all these years: herself and Vincent and, who would have thought, their children! Even Tunnel folk were welcome to spend their vacation, honeymoon, or convalescence here. Such as Father, that time he’d suffered from pneumonia.... Those had been rough days. But Father had recovered and lived several years longer in the Tunnels, until he and a few other cherished inhabitants of the Tunnels had said their final goodbyes and gone to their final resting place in the Catacombs. When would her time, or for heaven’s sake, Vincent’s, be upon them? Hopefully not for a long time.  

The plan was for her to finish the preparations within the next few days and then celebrate her golden wedding anniversary! Yes! They’d made it! So much had happened. They’d had to endure and overcome so much in order to make it so far. But the joy, love, and happiness in their marriage, and their three children, Jacob, Lilian Mary, and Devin Charles, had been worth it all! Not to mention her still-beloved, though sometimes slightly irritating husband! How could a man have so much patience and keep his calm, when Lily broke her arm, when Devin skipped school or announced his dad would come and lead the students on a nighttime museum visit through a secret door?! What about Jacob’s wedding, when he meant for Vincent to walk the bride to the altar, although he’d never even met her parents in the first place? What about their beloved grandchildren, Elisabeth und Michael, and the baby who would hopefully be born soon of Devin and Rachel? As much as she loved her children, things hadn’t always been easy. But looking back on Vincent’s joy and their life together, everything had always been worth it.  

When she really thought about it… fifty years were actually only the beginning. They had many more adventures to live, hadn’t they? To think, if they didn’t have their love… Oh, what a lovely sunset it was!


Author's note: Thank you to Ginny for her help.