in cross  stitch

designed and executed by
Karen Mossman

January 11

January 18


Karen says:

In early January of 2004 I used a picture of Vincent in the cross stitcher pattern designer that I had bought for me for at Christmas. I charted it and chose the colours and over the next few years, began stitching.  It contains well over a 1000 stitches and because the colours are so similar, it took a lot of patience and a lot of time. Sometimes I had to change thread every stitch and at times it became quite tedious.  

 I took a photograph on 11th January and it was just a blur of browns, by 18th January, Vincent was beginning to materialise and on April 26th 2004, he was recognisable.  

 Vincent travelled around Cornwall in 2004 to some beautiful locations as I loved nothing better than to sit in the car overlooking the sea and stitch.  In 2005, for our 25th wedding anniversary we toured New England in the Fall, and Vincent came too.  In 2006 he went to Anglesey and Amsterdam and to Corfu as I stitched in the hotel, by the pool or by the sea. In 2007 we drove to the Orkney Isles and in the car my hands were forever busy. The ferry across to Kirkwall was too rough, but the ferry across to Westray, I was able to complete just a few more stitches.  In the remote parts of the island as the sea lashed against the rocks, I knew it was a sight that Vincent would enjoy.  

Finally, in August 2008, Vincent was complete, at the time of writing, he is at the framers and when he returns I shall enjoy deciding where exactly in my house he will hang.