Handmade by
Midnight Rose

Gray Quilted Vest

Suede Velour Cloak

 July 2003 

12” Vincent with white bell sleeve shirt, gray quilted vest, black slacks, thigh-high boots, and hooded cloak.

 It is a 12” basic male doll with the “Vincent” features sculpted in clay and painted. Hands are also painted and claws made up of layers of paper and glue were added. Hair is “strawberry blonde” doll hair.  

Patterns for the clothes are handmade and I chose fabrics that had the textures I wanted to make them look right on a small scale. The inner white shirt is white flannel and the bell sleeves are white velour accented with thread. The gray quilted vest is two layers of gray cotton with batting in between and quilted with thread. The arm rolls are tied with a heavy brown tapestry thread.  Black cotton slacks are wrapped in boots made of leather-look chair upholstery, hand stitched and wrapped with dark brown button thread. The cloak is suede velour in black, dark brown, rust, and gray, then trimmed in various threads. The black fringe around the gray area is a black tassel I took apart. The doll took about 20 hours to make.