Squash Books

by Rosemarie Salvatore

The squash book, all the way opened with images in fall colors, photos and quoates from Masques  squash book cover, Beauty and the Beast Top third of the squash book, the words "Masques" and "Samhain" and a phto of Vincent in his "costume" When the walls grow thin and spirits of the underworld walk the earth 
Back cover. Vincent and Catherine walking away together  
Winterfest themed squash book      
Cover page. Beauty and the Beast  Winterfest - Dead of Winter   Even the greatest darkness in nothing, so long as we share the light
photos and images from Winterfest  Back cover. Vincent and Catherine dancing   

After Rosemarie learned how to make these "squash books" from Karen Q at the Dallas Con, she made these two for WFOL 2013. Neat!