A close up of the carved Vincent chess piece in Cullen's hands.

The Work of Hands

Presented here are Beauty and the Beast projects created by our fans.  


A Decorated Egg - Midnight Rose
A Tunnel Nightgown - Tunnelmom

Rose Theme Eggs - Midnight Rose
Bookmarks - Rosemarie Salvatore
Photo Collage - Lynn Wright
Vincent Doll - Midnight Rose
My Favorite Things" - Midnight Rose
Vincent Dressed for Winterfest - Midnight Rose
"Orphans" Egg - Midnight Rose
Vincent & Catherine Paperdolls - Lynn Wright
Kaleidoscopes - Kris Anne
Bookmarks - Marlyss

A Wonderful Winterfest Card - Sue Gregory
A Book/Box - Lynn Wright, from Winterfest '06
A Three Dimensional Picture - Lynn Wright, from Winterfest '06
Bookmarks II - Marlyss

A Beauty and the Beast Presentation - Karen Mossman
Dreams, Lynn Wright -  from Winterfest '05
Kaleidoscopes - Patricia Rogers
Cigar Box Purse - Daria
Cross stitch pattern of Vincent - Angie
Cross Stitch pictures of Vincent - Donna Beranek
Cross Stitch picture of Vincent - Karen Mossman
Vincent Morph - Angie
Necklace - Daria Smith
Cross Stitch - Donna Beranek
Fused Bead Wndow - Anagie

Bookmarks and Bracelet - Tanya Hunt
Crossstitch of  the Olivia portrait - Angie
Baby Vinnie Doll  - Laura G.
Vincent's Leather Pouch and Rose - Laura G.
Squash Books - Rosemarie Salvatore