Rabbit Rabbit

Lara Hoyle




Ladies and Gentlemen Above and Below the Equator of this world we live on I present to you a snippet from a few years ago in a world where there were several seasons of BATB similar to Seasons One and Two with a grown up character from a possible 'third" season?



"I saw a rabbit hopping around eating grass when I was Above last week." Catherine told the children as they settled into their various favorite spots around Father's chair. Vincent had gestured to her to take the chair since it was one of the most comfortable to sit and read in, with the most space around it. In Catherine's hands was a book entitled The Velveteen Rabbit.

Mouse and Jamie's daughter Lily looked up from where she sat cuddling a stuffed Raccoon, on her mother's lap.

"Wabbit?" She looked at Catherine and then smiled. "Hop hop hop."

"That's right, Lily," The grey in Catherine's hair shone silvery in the warm light of the library."That's what it does."

"What color ith it? Is it da Ether bunny?" Kipper's son lisped having lost his front teeth recently.

"It's brown, and appeared quite young, like a baby, hopping slowly around... It stopped moving when I saw it." Catherine shook her head,"I don't think it is the Easter Bunny though, I didn't see any baskets with eggs in it."

"I wanna see da Wabbit Wabbit!" Lily dropped the toy and started bouncing up and down.

"Calm down Lily," Jamie hugged the wiggly little girl that had some of her father's traits."You have to be quiet like me if you don't want to scare the rabbit."

"Oh... Scare wabbit? Not good." The little girl settled down as Vincent held out the raccoon toy to her and she took it back.

Jacob came in late binding his wet long mane into his usual pony tail. He was dressed in clothing he wore Above but for a vest that had belonged to his father and a stethoscope which he slipped into a vest pocket.

"Hey Ma, Whatcha gonna read?"

"Velveteen Rabbit."

"One of my favorites!"

"I know."




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