Dream Street


Cindy Tidwell




{ 999 words }





“Ice cream, please.”

“Sure. What flavor?”

“Catherine, he wants to know which flavor you’d like.”

“Vanilla. No. Wait. Vanilla was what I had to order when I had a nice dress on, so if it dripped, it wouldn’t show. Chocolate. I’d like chocolate, please.”


“One chocolate cone, comin’ right up. Here you go, Mac. And… here’s your change.”

“Thank you. Here you are, Catherine.”

“He called you ‘Mac.’”

“I believe that’s because he doesn’t know my name.”

“Don’t you want one?”

“I’d rather enjoy the pleasure of watching you.”

“I’ll share, then. Want some?”

“Perhaps later. Shall we walk?”

“Down… down Fifth Avenue? Vincent… I… look at all the people! We… we shouldn’t… Should we?”

“I very much think we should.”

“I… all right. It’s… it’s a perfect day. The sun feels so warm… Look at that sky! What do you think they call that shade of blue? Does it even have a name? It’s so… beautiful.”

“I believe they call it ‘light blue.’ Or ‘sky blue.’ Which is very fitting, considering.”

“Are you teasing me, right now?”

“Some. Perhaps. Do you mind?”

“I’m going to call it ‘Vincent’s Blue Eyes.’ It’s exactly the same shade. There. Now it has a name. You’re smiling at me.”

“Because you’re happy. Should we go down a side street?”

“Oh, no! This is Fifth Avenue! My mother used to take me here, all up and down this very street. FAO Schwartz, Saks Fifth Avenue… she said this was a dream street.”

“Did she?”

“Yes! It was a place where they sold only the most amazing things. The sort of things you only saw in dreams: fantastic toys, gorgeous gowns. She said you could buy it if you had the money, but that it was more fun just to stand there sometimes, and… dream about it. Imagine yourself there.”

“Like… making a wish.”

“Yes. Vincent… I’m… dreaming now... Aren’t I?”

“Perhaps. Your chocolate is melting. You should enjoy it, before it drips away.”

“I want to you to have some. Will you?”

“If that is your wish.”

“Because… it’s my dream?”

“Do you not think I have dreamed such dreams as well?... It’s cold.”

“That’s because it’s ice cream.”

“Now it is you who are smiling at me.”

“Only because I can’t help it. Oh! Someone bumped me!”

“It is… crowded.”

“Vincent… they’re not looking at us. They’re just… hurrying by. They see us. But they’re not… looking at us.

“Perhaps they too, want to go get ice cream.”

“But they… never mind. It’s not important… I think they should all have chocolate. And let it drip. And share it with someone they…”

“Someone they…?”

“Someone they… love. They should share it with someone they love. Very much.”

“I hope they will. And your heart is very… beautiful.”

“You… you just kissed my forehead.”

“Did I?”

“I… I’m sure you did. Did you mean to?”

“I’m sure I did. Shall we look over here?”

“What do you… oh! Such pretty dresses!”

“Is this a thing you also did with your mother?”

“Window shop for clothes? Oh, yes, often. Sometimes, we bought the things we saw, but mostly we just… strolled. And… dreamed, together.”

“Like we are doing now?”

“Yes. No. It’s… different, with you.”

“Ah. If I asked you which dress you preferred… would you tell me?”

“They’re all lovely … The peach one. No, no, the white one. It’s … elegant. I’d wear it with long pearl earrings, and my hair done up, just enough. To a special occasion. One where I wanted to look my best, just for you.”

“Would you dance with me, if I asked you to? While you were wearing such an elegant dress?”

“Do you… dance, Vincent?”

“I might. Ask me again, someday - in a white dress with pearls - and find out.”

“I will. I hope I remember.”

“I think you will. Excuse me. There’s something I need to… there.”

“You just gave all your change to that old woman.”

“She looked like she needed it.”

“But… but that’s all the money you had! You gave her everything!”

“Did I? I think I gave her something I have little use for, but she needed. Hm. Was that wrong?”

“No, it’s fine. I have mon… oh! My pockets are empty! We… now we don’t have a dime, between us.”

“Is that a problem?”

“I… I don’t know. It’s something I’ve never had to…no. No, it’s… not a problem. It’s… I feel happy. And… and light. Light like feathers! Now all I can do on Dream Street is… dream.”

“Then it is a good street. And a good dream.”

“I don’t want to wake up. The only reason I’d want to wake up is to see you. But I already see you. Does that make sense?”

“Perfect sense.”

“I wish… I wish we could do this. Really do this.”

“Catherine… we are… really doing this.”

“Because it’s my dream? And you’re here?”

“Because it is your dream. And I will always be here for you.”

“Because of our bond?”

“Because I… long to share the dream with you. All the dreams. Will you awaken, soon?”

“Will you be there?”

“What does your heart tell you?”

“I… you were frightened. I was on the street, but not Dream Street. It was nighttime. Something happened. You told me you’d die if I did. I heard you.”

“Then it’s best you live. And order vanilla, next time. Your hand is sticky.”

“I forgot to get a napkin. Will you help me finish it?”

“You know I will.”

“There is so much of my world I’d bring you, if I could. I’d wrap this entire day up, and run to you with it, and pour it into your hands, just for the pleasure of seeing your face.”

“But I am seeing it. Through your eyes, I am. Catherine, will you do something for me?”

“Anything. Everything. Always. You know I will.”

“Catherine… please. For me… Open your eyes.”













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