Zara Wilder




I am Poe

a half-blood son of no tribe

a two-spirit boy who longs to become a man

a friend of one person who completely understands


in foster care Above and in detention

I had to hide myself away

I had to be hated if I wanted to eat

I had to sleep with one eye open


my conquerors they

made me wear

tights and skirts and dresses

unwelcome underthings and institutional overthings

and names which always unnamed me

made violent assaults upon

my body

my heart

my heritage

made me want to die

sometimes I think I did die

everything that mattered died


but now Below the city streets




I do not go hungry

I am not exposed

I will not be denied a home inside my skin


down here in these Tunnels

my people trust and love me

my people believe I exist

my people help me to be me


and so I help us to be we

together we are beautiful

together we find our way

together we choose our true names


I am Poe








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