Queen of Strings and her Impresario

Lara Beilby




Catherine had been making the rounds checking on some of the Helpers as the weather changed from the cool tang of autumn to the bitter chill of winter.

One early winter afternoon she saw in the subway a man sitting playing his cello. Eyes closed he made his large instrument sing, evoking emotions from those who paused to hear him. Even Cathy had stopped to put money in his instrument case rushing by a few previous times on her way from one station to another, closer to where she lived.

The song ended and he opened his eyes, murmuring a quiet "Thank you for listening." As the crowd dispersed he stood up and managed to catch Cathy ' s eye.

She didn't move away but smiled, stepping closer to see how he was doing. As they talked he told her of some of the Helpers that had dropped money into the weathered case, and that he was wondering when Winterfest was going to happen.

"You'll know, when the children bring the candles. I know that they have yet to be dipped into the final colors, saw that myself last week... Is there anything I can get for you?" Catherine asked as a new crowd of people had entered and the man sat again preparing to play.

"Strings, a hat, some gloves... Send them in three days and send Kipper with them, or Samantha. I'll go by the grocery store and send them back loaded with flour for William..."

"Flour, that's what I forgot on the list the other day they needed... and since you're getting it I won't..."

Now the cellist gently opens his instrument's case and lifts her, silent waiting from her padded bed. He settles her into his lap, her single foot firmly set on the floor. He caresses her neck, reading the pages before him, or recalling a memory laying his fingers on her hairlike strings and takes the bow in his other hand, firm yet gentle. He thinks of the times he has made the ladies and gentlemen react to him, only with the bow sliding across his secret lover's strings, causing her to sing. She calls to those entranced to sing, or dance or just lose themselves in her voice... She loves to sing alone and with an ensemble. She calls him Impresario, and he calls her Queen of strings.




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