Mai Phan


{ Third Season }



There's a hole in my pocket where you fell through~

And now I don't know what to do

But stand before a wishing well

To hope it holds a magic spell

And mark another year in hell.


"I'd scorn to change my state with kings,"

I sent in my rememberings.

Now cast down from a heart's full measure

Eating sorrow, scorning pleasure,

I stand bereft of hope, of treasure.


Save for one, our little son,

Born the day your race was run.

Holding him, my faint heart swells.

For who knows what magic spells

Bind together wishing Wells'?


I'd wish for you a train of lace,

A veil to hide your blushing face,

A bridal gown, a band of gold,

A warming place against death's cold.

A length of years;  of growing old.


A carriage ride around the park,

The bonnet up 'til after dark.

In poverty your vagabond

(A cape against detection donned),

Brings only a crystal and a bond.


There's a hole in my heart where you fell through~

We once were one but now are two.

When it comes to wishes, I have many.

You mustn't think I haven't any.


It's just I haven't got a penny.




Illustration supplied by the author



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