Lara Beilby


New leaves whispered in the breezes
Everyone still bundled against
Wintery temperatures in the early spring

You see the bench and look
Over at a couple near a tunnel bundled quite medievally
Really? They do exist?
Kissing for real, no soul kisses allowed.

Virile and tender
Intense blue eyes
Noble born of mystery
Catherine's hands in his
Elegantly allowing her to leap
Traversing between pipes coming Below.

Once Upon A Time the fairy tale began
New York, a
City where towers were like castles
Everyone dressed from rags to riches

Underground passages
People hiding looking for a safe place
Opera in a band shell,
No one looked for Catherine for a week after she disappeared

A candle means a friendly light

Torches lead the way down to the
Illuminated Great Hall where dancing and
Music fills the cavernous space and a waltz echoes

Flame dipped red and gold candles
Offer a friendly light and an invitation
Revelry in a hidden place
Eternal bonds of friendship
Very hard to break
Everyone takes turns dancing and playing games
Remembering Winterfests past...



and a bonus, in honor of our dear

Roy Dotrice

(26 May 1923 16 October 2017)



Royal sounding British voice
Oh fare
Ye well beloved man

Dashing in younger years
On point with his lines
Teller of stories
Remembering his friendship
Including those that have gone before
Caring for his wife as Roy, as Father
Ever more together Kay and Margaret

Fell from grace
And regained honor
Taking care of a rare child
He tried to heal those he could
Eternal candles shall burn
Replaced by loving hands when they're barely stubs...





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