Stace (Angel)'s Con Report

Stace with THE GUY (photo by Jecris)


If you've NEVER been to a Con... you've GOT to go to a Con. Im betting you will LOVE it. All im saying... is try it... if you CAN do it... you've got to do it... try it at least once. Its is like coming home to family... as family should be. Im totally serious... i can think of no better way to describe it.

Personally... i stayed at the con hotel (which id recommend)... and i had a blast. i got there thursday afternoon, and departed on tuesday morning. Now the con is, in actuality a friday to sunday thing. Now, unless you absolutely only can do (take off) for friday to sunday... id suggest doing what i did and at LEAST do thurs-mon (or tues). Like i said... day trip if you have to... do fri-sun if you have to... but if you DONT have to... (grin) get a couple extra days. In my opinion what would be optimum... ESP if you're travelling across continents and/or time zones... is what a lot of the ladies said they did: wed-wed. There's a full day of travel that way coming and going. No rush, right? Then you have 2 misc day before and after to wander and go sight seeing... (i saw friends of mine that lived nearby and we went out), or to recuperate from or prepare for travelling... or recuperate from the late nights at the Con. LOL. I guess what im trying to say... is if you can swing it... the thurs-mon (or tues) or doing a Wed-Wed thing... is in my opinion, THE way to go... you're not rushed at all to do any damn thing... lol... you've got time then. For jetlag, for packing, for sightseeing, for old friends, etc.

The con was awsome... David Greenlee, Roy Dotrice, James Avery & Wendi Pini were at the con. All of them were extrordinary and a great lot of fun. I think they all enjoyed themselves. And they all seemed genuinely happy and blessed to be there... it was awsome to talk to them all even if it was just briefly... lol. I hope we all see them again at another Con.

The Breakfast's and the Banquet were awsome. A really NICE selection for breakfast... oddly enough the only thing they seemed to be missing would have been some Cereal selections... aside from that though... the eggs, bacon and sausage were superb. The coffee was pretty good (i was shocked! LOL) they had creamer, sugar, splenda, equall and sweet n low to choose fromÖ (nice!) All kinds of lovely breakfast pasteries... from doughnuts, to danishes... and other stuff i was ignorant to what it was, but looked and tasted absolutely devine. There was an assortment of fresh fruits... and there were jellies and cream cheeses and butter im sure for the croissants... there was an abundance of juices... and 2% and skim milks... Lets just say, i didnt have a problem getting enough to eat. (smirk)

The banquet is always fun, and special. The food was quite good... i had the beef and it was both tender and flavorful... they had good wines... the vegies could have been a hair steamed more... but im not complaining... better slightly undercooked, than overcooked at any rate. Considering its not winter in July... we all call it a Summerfest banquet. (although, at heart it is truly the Winterfest banquet... merely held in summer)

And it is truly a special occasion... what would you wear to winterfest banquet? You can come as you're comfortable and as you please. Some are casual... some are dressy... some get all kinds of decked out. Its whatever you want... the banquet is the excuse to pull out that one outfit you have that is a little too nice... and you have a hard time finding an occasion to pull it out. Yeah, this would be that occasion. Totally. Everyone looked absolutely stunning... all the ladies looked beautiful... and those that brought their husbands... well, lets just say that they "cleaned up well and looked as though they belonged with their wives" (as my grandfather would put it... )

Get it out of your head: you cannot be too dressy or over dressed at the con. Well, maybe you can... and if so... that's ME... like, EVERY year. LOL. Personally... iíve got some clothes that i love, and they are really fancy... and i rarely get occasion to wear them... except maybe New Years might be dressy enough for them. I, personally decided for myself... wondering what to wear at 2003 BATB con... that the Con Banquet being Summerfest (Winterfest) was definately a special enough occasion to bring out whatever i had that was my finest... that outfit that you cant hardly wear, cause its too fancy.That's what i do.

The add a day... always check it out to see what the add a day is... this time it was Griffith Park... where the carousel is from the series, the tunnel entrance... catherine's apartment building... and many other things they shot... But you know... when i was at the 2003 Frisco con... i didnt do the add a day there (well, i couldnt have actually.. lol) ... and it was sight-seeing around San Francisco. I really, truly wish i could have and would have taken that extra day off work... and did that, with all my BATB friends. What really, is better than that?

here we went to griffith park and saw the Carousel... and the tunnel entrance... next time we have a Con over here and we're all daytripping to Griffith park... Im bringing flashlights and oil lamps... I have several of both... (smirk) cause there was a group of us that wanted to go back further in the tunnel... but needed some sort of light emitting device that was larger than a keychain LED... thanks loads to the one that HAD the keychain LED... we got a ways back with that one...

Anyway... that's off the top of my head for the 2007 BATB Convention in Culver City (LA) California. It was fun... Next years 2008 Con is going to be in New Jersey ... (dont recall the city) RIGHT close to New York... which means im sure, a add a day to Central Park, and maybe to see our fandom's dedicated park bench we have in the park. (wouldnt that be Cool????)

enough of me rambling about the con...

Stace (ANGEL) - July 2007

Stace (Angel) in banquet outfit, and with THE LADIES (photos by Jecris)