Christina's Tote Bag Report - B&B con, San Diego CA 2010


From the yahoo mailing list TUNNELDREAM, August 5 2010 (posted with permission)


I have received my con tote, which I ordered since I couldnít go to the con (again) this year. And Iím all giddy about it, much to the consternation of my teenager. Heís old enough to understand that when Mom squees like that, nothingís wrong. Unfortunately, heís also reached the age at which heís of the opinion that Mom shouldnít squee at all. I told him to adjust.

The bag is so neat! Thereís lots of yummy reading material (obviously the best part), a beautiful drawing of Vincent by Chandler (the other best part), brochures about San Diego, pencils engraved with ďHaply I Think On Thee 2010 ConĒ (which will never be sharpened), a set of napkin-folding ideas that I canít wait to play with, a message board with Vincent on it, a silk rose, a sprinkle bottle of kisses (hee), a little notebook, a pin with Vincentís face (*sigh*), a bracelet, a fan, and a pin with Chanís face on it. And at that last one, I cried.

Iím getting so much pleasure out of this; it helps the disappointment of missing the con. I fear Iíll never make it to a con, since itís always the weekend after my birthday. I canít do both, and if I do the con instead of my birthday with my Mom, Iíll get killed. *pout*

So when do those of us who were trapped elsewhere going to hear about what went on in San Diego? Dying to live vicariously, here...

cb mcwhorter