for the San Diego B&B con, 2010


August 18, 2010

     We started accepting contributions for the charity a year ago with con registrations. Fans sent in gift cards for the school over the past year, and brought a bunch to the con, as well.
     At the con, Laura's pinatas raised funds, Lisa's massages did, too, as did Jodie's game, and Beast Bingo and the baskets Judy created, and fans handed me checks and cash for the charity throughout the weekend.
     Many fans contributed memorabilia, show costume pieces and art for us to sell or auction to raise funds for the charity.
     Add to that the 15% the con made on sales of goods for fans via the Orphan Tables and the art room as well as art auction.
     And add to that the generous check given to us for the charity by Ms. Hamilton and the money raised from items she brought for us to auction. Not only did Linda come to the con to visit with us, and not only did she bring items for us to auction to raise funds for the charity (and we raised a bit over $1,000 on those items)...she also wrote a personal check to Monarch School. When I opened her check, which had been folded, I saw that she donated $1,000 to the charity and wrote in the "notation" box on the lower left: "I am honored." I got tears in my eyes over that little note.
     Then came the post-con sale, which was quite successful! [To give you some indication of how successful: I had inventoried 17 tightly packed boxes of zines after the con, and I now have 6 loosely packed boxes left!]
     Funds are in the process of being distributed to owners of the merchandise sold. The convention took 15% of sales for the charity (except on those items sold on behalf of Chan's and Barb Hill's families), and sold a number of con-owned items.
     All told, including contributions for the charity received post-con, we raised $1,200 during the post-con sale, [thank you to my anonymous donor for rounding us up to an even number!], to be added to the $9,817 raised during the con in funds and gift cards.

     It makes just over $11,000! {$11,017} for the Monarch School!

     A huge and heartfelt THANK YOU goes out to everyone for their participation and generous hearts! This fandom ROCKS!!

JoAnn Baca, con chair