The Top Ten Symptoms of Being OP

Top Ten Lists... a tradition at the B&B conventions when Myhr or Jamie Murray are around.
And Jamie happened to be around, at the San Diego con! Here are the "good morning" Top Ten Lists he read to start the day.



Cathy Moran came up with the term Obsessive Pathetic, or OP, several years ago to describe those of us who seem to relate EVERYthing in life to Beauty and the Beast. We're thinking of getting it classified as an official disease.... provide assistance to the medical community in assessing this syndrome, here are the Top Ten Symptoms of Being Terminally OP:

10. You have decorated your home with rose patterns, crystals, candles and other "tunnel chic"!

9. You notice the woman playing a judge on an episode of Law and Order and turn to your family to announce proudly, "She played the maid in 'Terrible Savior’!"

8. Your tee shirt collection consists mainly of images with Vincent in them.

7. Your closest circle of friends all belong to a B&B Yahoo group.
6. You've named at least one pet or child after a character from the show [Heeere, Lil Vincent!]

5. You have the firm conviction that the Tunnels are are those who inhabit them.

4. You get unnaturally excited whenever you meet somebody named Vincent, Jacob, Elliot....

3. Your idea of a dream vacation is going to New York City so you can sit on fandom's bench in Central Park.

2. You know exactly how to GET to the fandom bench in Central Park.

And the number one symptom of being terminally OP....

1. You're secretly saving money, hoping someday there'll really be a Beauty and the Beast Retirement Home for the Terminally OP!


Remember yesterday we had a Top Ten List – the Top Ten Symptoms of Being OP? Well, to show you just HOW OP we are…we have ANOTHER Ten Symptoms to report! Here, then, is the NEXT TEN List of Symptoms of Severe, Terminal OP-ness:

10. When you go to Best Buy you dig out the B&B DVDs and display them prominently.

9. Speaking of DVDs, you own TWO sets of B&B on DVD…just in case something happens to one set and you can’t find another in a store, on Amazon, on Ebay….

8. You watch anything and everything either Ron Perlman or Linda Hamilton is in, even if the movie is so bad you turn it off after their character gets killed, or you just fast forward to the scenes that they are in.

7. Whenever your plumbing or the AC system clangs, you smile and think of the Tunnels.

6. You comb used book sales, hoping to find B&B paperbacks...even though you already own them all.

5. Even though you don’t like fish, you are partial to…COD!

4. Your everyday speech is peppered with phrases like "Tell me," "Be well," and "OK fine!"

3. You have no qualms about rooming with someone at a con you’ve only “met” online.

2. When you’re on vacation, you take pictures of any sign that has “Vincent,” “crystal,” “rose,” or “chamber” in it…and every single lion you can find.

And the number one symptom that you are hopelessly OP?

1. You and a B&B pal send similar posts simultaneously, and you both say - “It’s the Bond!”


I guess you know what’s coming….
Yep, ANOTHER Ten Symptoms of Being Terminally OP!

10. Your screen saver is B&B-related.

9. You go into Spencer's Gifts and expect to find a Beauty and the Beast poster for sale.

8. You’ve bought a bookshelf of poetry books, Shakespeare, Dickens…because Vincent reads them.

7. You’ve seriously considered moving to NYC to be close to Vincent and Catherine.

6. You start packing a month before a con.

5. You look longingly at manhole covers, and look down and smile as you pass steam grates.

4. You keep looking for a single rose bush with red and white blooms.

3. You are strangely drawn to any half-round stained glass windows you see.

2. You can’t bear to part with your VHS episode tapes, even though you now have the DVDs...and you no longer have a VHS player.

And the number one additional symptom of being OP?

1. You call the extra bedroom in your house - the “guest chamber.”