Beauty and the Beast 2014

This is the creature there has never been.
They never knew it, and yet, none the less,
they loved the way it moved, its suppleness,
its neck, its very gaze, mild and serene.

Not there, because they loved it, it behaved
as though it were. They always left some space.
And in the clear, unpeople space they saved
it lightly reared its head, with scarce a trace

of not being there. They fed it, not with corn,
but only with the possibility
of being ...

Rainer Maria Rilke

Conzine Guidelines

Believed in, protected, nurtured, the magic that is Beauty and the Beast lives on through your efforts, your art and story. Without you ... well, we can’t bear to think about that.

It’s been said other ways: Things that are not and should be. Then what is all this? We create the dream for each other. Make this 2014 conzine special with your submissions of stories, poetry, and art. Whether it’s your first attempt or your twentieth, bring your unique vision of love and hope to the page. This traditional, printed zine will be a treasure to keep for always.
If your muse is agreeable, you may like to consider the con theme for your story or art: The Creature There Has Never Been. Perhaps you might like to write about Vincent's childhood, perhaps about a creature who visits the tunnels, or about the creature there has never been which is Vincent and Catherine together. Of course, should your muse lead you elsewhere, that’s perfectly fine.

Gift your fellow fans! Keep the dream alive! Get busy!

➡ The deadline for inclusion in the conzine is March 1 April 15, 2014. Small prizes will be awarded to those who send in their contributions before the deadline. (Details to come.)
➡ All works must be original and cannot have been published or posted anywhere else, online or in hard copy.
➡ You may submit more than one story, poem, work of art, etc., however...
➡ All individual contributions may be submitted only once (no subsequent versions accepted). Get all your tweaking done before hitting send!
➡ Submissions from all categories will be considered: Classic, SND, 3S, Alternate Universe, Crossover, etc.
➡ Submissions with a maximum rating of strong -R- will be considered.
➡ Submissions relating to 3S and submissions with an -R- rating will identified as such in the table of contents and on the work’s title page.

✤ Maximum length of 50 pages, in a standard 12-point font.
✤ Maximum rating: strong R (Plot, plot! Steamy romance with plot!)
✤ Stories will be edited for grammar and punctuation without notifying the author. Proposed edits of content will be discussed with the author.
✤ Use block paragraphing style (no indents, a line space between paragraphs).
✤ Make clear your by-line or your pen name, if you use one.
✤ Written work may be submitted as a .doc, .docx, .rtf, or .odt file, or in Pages for Mac. (No .pdf files.)
✤ Send your submission as an attachment to Carole W
✤ If you cannot email the file, contact me for assistance.

❖ Art will be displayed on 8 1/2 x 11 paper in either landscape or portrait orientation. Create works with that maximum size in mind.
❖ Maximum rating:  strong R 
❖ Send artwork in .png format (best for drawings). If a .png isn’t possible, send a high resolution .jpg.
❖ Send art as an attachment to Carole W at
❖ If you cannot scan the artwork yourself, or need help saving to high resolution files, contact me for assistance.

Ask away. Carole Whitehead