Keeping the Dream Alive
Celebrating 30 Years of BATB Fandom
San Diego, California
July 14-16, 2017

Convention Conzine Guidelines

In 2017, we are Keeping the Dream Alive and celebrating 30 years of Beauty and the Beast fandom with our convention in San Diego, California! Any and all new creations are welcomed for the 2017 conzine. Stories, poems, art, filks, essays – we want whatever your muse sends your way!
The conzine for the 2017 con will be a traditional printed zine. Those who prefer a digital zine may purchase one of those instead. Over the years, conzines have attracted the most talented creators of stories, poetry, essays, and art. But it can't happen without all of you, so please put on your thinking caps and contribute. We look forward to seeing what you come up with! The guidelines for the 2017 conzine are as follows:
Deadline for all contributions is April 1, 2017.
Contributions relating to all seasons will be considered. Stories/poetry relating to the 3rd season will be identified as such at the beginning of the piece.
Contributions of all ratings will be considered; G through well-written R. Stories/poetry of an R rating will be identified as such at the beginning of the piece.
To give all authors a chance to have their work in the conzine, no more than six submissions per author will be accepted. There are no limits on the amount of art.
All submissions must be original, having never before been posted online or published elsewhere.

All content must be the submitter’s own words, with anything taken from another source (e.g, poetry, song lyrics, etc.) clearly identified and credited.
All stories must be finished. Unfinished stories will not be accepted.
Documents must be sent in .doc, .docx, or .odt format. Please do not send .pdf files. Please use single spacing with breaks between the paragraphs, and do understand that some fancy fonts may not be possible to reproduce if the zine editors don’t have access to those fonts.
If you plan to use footnotes, please do not insert them into the body of your story. Simply note it with a superscript number (which can be done by highlighting the number and under Font, select the superscript checkbox) because otherwise one story’s footnotes can interfere with those in subsequent stories. Any questions on this, please ask.
Illustrations can be inserted into your files, but please send the images along as a separate file as well as a separate document.
If you use a pen name, please include a note to that effect.
Due to the expense of printing costs, we strongly suggest a page limit of 40-50 single-sided pages. There is no minimum page limit.
All contributions may only be submitted once. All subsequent submissions for the same piece will be disregarded.
Stories will be edited for grammar and punctuation without notifying the author. No editing for content will be done without first requesting permission from the author.
Stories and poetry should be sent to Laura Goist at Artwork files should be sent to Sandy Tew at Originals can be sent to Sandy Tew at 8363 Mix Ave, Magna UT 84044.
Contact Laura at or Krista Rainey at with any questions.