In celebration of 30 years of fandom, we thought it might be a nice idea to showcase fan photos from past cons at our upcoming convention in San Diego this July. What fun it will be to stroll down memory lane, seeing all sorts of people and places from decades ago, as well as those more recent ones. We would appreciate help from you, the fans, in making this project a reality. We would love it if you could provide us with photos that you may have taken at past conventions with a notation showing at which convention the picture was taken. Just scan those old photos and send them to Laura G. at  in .jpg or .jpeg format. Digital photos can simply be attached to an email. Please reference "con photos" in the reference line, if you'd be so kind. We recognize that many fans have already contributed pictures to batbland so we are looking for other photos that may not have yet been posted. We would appreciate receiving your submissions by June 15, 2017
Thanks for your assistance.

The 2017 BATB Con Team
"Keeping The Dream Alive"