For All My Life & Forever
San Diego, California
July 13 - 14, 2023


We will have 4 days of add-ons after the San Diego Con, three of them covering a spectrum of activities we have not done at previous San Diego cons, and one we are delighted to offer yet again! 

Sign ups are due by June 1, 2023.
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Saturday, July 15 - San Diego Zoo’s Safari Park

While we have enjoyed the San Diego Zoo before, this year you have a chance to explore its sister zoo: the Safari Park! It’s quite a different experience from the more traditional zoo environment. For instance, a tram takes you around a vast open area where many species co-exist peacefully, as they would in their natural environment. There’s also an area you can walk through with uncaged kangaroos. And the Safari Park is the only U.S.  zoo currently housing platypuses! Here’s a secret: did you know tigers have a “thing” for the fragrance “Obsession”? It’s sprayed on areas near floor-to-ceiling windows to lure the big cats to hang out, so close you feel you could touch them.

While there are kiosks that serve food in the Safari Park, lines are often long. You may prefer to order a bag lunch from Little Ms. Muffin, our add-on caterer (and member of the San Diego Beauty and the Beast Society)!

Sunday, July 16 - Griffith Park Carousel & “Tunnel Entrance”

Lisa G as Vincent in the tunnel entranceHere’s our repeat add-on! It’s so popular that even though it’s not in San Diego, we couldn’t not offer it this year! We’ll be driven right to the parking lot a few yards from the Griffith Park Carousel used in filming scenes in B&B. Maybe have a ride right away, or maybe wait until later, because just down the hill is... the “Central Park Tunnel Entrance”! Also, you can visit the outdoor table area when Catherine and Edie chatted over lunch one day!

There isn’t a food vendor in the area, so we highly recommend bringing something to eat/drink with you or ordering a box lunch from our Little Ms. Muffin caterer.

Monday, July 17 – Birch Aquarium and Beach Day in La Jolla

Birch Aquarium at Scripps Institute of Oceanography isn’t huge but it is fun! Check out the little blue penguins in their new facility, get to know the underwater species from the West Coast, and marvel at the varieties of seahorses, including the gorgeous seadragons!

After our visit – and taking in the breathtaking cliff-height views of the coastline – we will be taken down to the La Jolla Coves area, at Ellen Browning Scripps Park. This would be a lovely place to eat lunch, and you can choose to meet the Pacific by descending stairs to a number of small coves, or choose to stay on the walkway just above the coves and walk as far as you wish along the coast (keeping your feet dry and sand-free!) counting the seals, sea lions, and various sea birds that live along there. If you aren’t a beachy type, walk up the hill to La Jolla’s main street and check out the high-end art galleries, jewelry shops, eateries, etc. The village of La Jolla is gorgeous on its own!

The restaurants in La Jolla can be pricey. You may wish to order a box lunch from our caterer.


Tuesday, July 18 - Balboa Park Day of Exploration*

Our city park is truly a jewel! Our 1- hour walking tour will orient you. The rest of our time in Balboa Park is at your leisure, to explore museums and gardens (separate entrance fees are required), such as the Comic-Con Museum, Museum of Us, Museum of Art, Museum of Photographic Arts, Model Railroad Museum, Air and Space Museum, the Japanese Friendship Garden, among many others. [The Timken Museum of Art is free!] Or take a relaxing break from activity within the lush greenery of this beautiful place.

There are a few options for casual dining in the Park but lines may be long. You may want to order a box lunch so that you can picnic in the Park when you get hungry.

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