For All My Life & Forever
San Diego, California
July 13 - 14, 2023

Guidelines for 2023 Conzine

Fans love the way fanfic writers and artists expand the universe of canon Beauty and the Beast and beyond, and it’s a wonderful tradition to share those talents each year in our conzine. Is this the year you will contribute something for the first time? Or are you continuing your own tradition of annually submitting one or more of your pieces for the conzine? Either way, or anywhere in between, we would love to have your input!

As with all the other activities we share in our wonderful fandom, it can’t happen without fans – meaning you! For 2023, the conzine will be published digitally on a thumb drive, which provides broad options for contributions: poetry, fanfic, artwork, music videos, wallpapers, games, music… So please consider sharing something to delight your fellow fans, whether you plan to attend the 2023 convention or not!

While fans attending the convention will receive the conzine, we will give no one permission to post your work online. You may wish to give a website permission to post your own work, but we will not.

Here are the general guidelines for the 2023 conzine:

  • Any and all never-before-shared/posted/published contributions that you created are welcomed.
  • Deadline for all contributions is May 1, 2023.
  • Contributions may be any season or rating – please identify your submission when it is sent in (Classic, 3S, rating, etc.).
  • When submitting your contributions, please mention if you prefer using a pen name
  • Only finished items should be contributed – there will not be a process for submitting drafts, nor can we accept revisions once a contribution is submitted.
  • Written submissions will be edited for grammar and punctuation without notifying the author. No other editing will be done.
  • There is no maximum page limit on fanfic. You may submit more than one item for the conzine, but if it will be more than six items, please contact the editor ahead of time.
  • Illustration can be inserted into your stories, but send the images separately to allow the conzine editor to integrate a variety of software submissions easily. Any illustrations should be identified as your own, used with permission/credit, or open source.
  • Documents must be set in .doc, .docx, .rtf or .odt format. Do NOT send .pdf files.
  • For fanfic and poetry, please use single spacing with breaks between paragraphs, and Times New Roman 12 point. Fancy fonts may not be possible to reproduce by the conzine editor.
  • If you use footnotes, please do not insert them into the body of your story. Simply note them with a superscript number, because otherwise your footnotes might interfere with those in subsequent stories.
  • If you are submitting artwork, note that the higher the resolution, the nicer it will look. You may submit in black and white or color.
  • Please ask if you need help with something technical.
Send submissions for the conzine to:

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