For All My Life & Forever
San Diego, California
July 13 - 14, 2023

Donations for Convention Activities

There are several ways you can contribute to the 2023 convention:

  • If you have special B&B goodies which might be perfect for our Charity Auction or Silent Auction or sales table, we’d love to inherit them from you! Let JoAnn know at

  • One of our many great con traditions is providing each person with a specially designed tote bag filled with little gifts and surprises. All the items have either a BatB theme or one that reflects the con’s setting, but like scenarios for our show, the possibilities are endless. As just a few examples, some items can be useful (a notebook, a pack of tissues); some are decorative (a candle, an art print); and some might be just for fun (a puzzle, candy).

    If you would like to be a helper for this project, we would gladly welcome donations from individuals or groups. Your generosity and thoughtfulness toward your fellow fans will be greatly appreciated!

    If you have any questions and/or would like to donate, please contact Sam Coleman at for all the details.

  • Want to send along a small item or two with a B&B flavor that would be perfect for a Beast Bingo or other prize? We would be grateful for it! Let JoAnn know at

  • Your talents contributed to the conzine would be delicious! Check out the conzine guidelines elsewhere on this page.

  • Have an idea for a panel or a game you would like to present at the con? Send us a message and we’ll work out how to include you in the schedule! Let JoAnn know at

  • Can’t come to the con and/or have no goodies to send along for an auction or sale, but you still want to help the con charity? One great way is to send along a gift card for WalMart, Target or Kohl’s which will be donated to the charity at the end of the con, together with other funds. Let Deb know at

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