Armin Shimerman sitting in front of a quilt which is hanging on the wall. The picture isn't large enough to discern many details, but it appears to be mostly white, black, and grey.

This Friendship quilt is a joyful acknowledgment of the memories and friendships stitched in the Beauty and the Beast quilt. The original dedication, embroidered in its border, concludes,

"and the momentum of its love continues happily ever after. This momentum of love generated by the show and nurtured by the fans has generated an atmosphere of acceptance and self worth which enables us to realize our own humanity, - our full potential as human beings, a realization which, in turn, enables us to celebrate the humanity of others. It has somehow enriched, inspired, and empowered us to examine, to understand, to accept, to do. Indeed friends and family alike stand amazed at some of your eat my dust performances. Like the tunnel world, we give as talents permit and receive as needs compel. Like the tunnel world each of us grows stronger, those who take the help and those who give it. This quilt contains hundreds of your signatures; it contains over a thousand pieces, including fabrics from the original quilt; it contains more hours than the CBS Fall lineup and a good dose of Excedrin; it contains millions of stitches. Anybody want to count? I can tell you we would have finished a lot sooner if only I taught quilting as well as Father teaches chess. This quilt also contains hearts, dreams, and lots of love. I don't recall ever seeing love listed under "materials required: but, like the commercial says, it's in there. Ah, what secrets quilts contain within their seams. If you come up, and look very closely you will find a few surprises in each quilt.... By the time a quilt is finished, it knows the hearts and hands that fashioned it, and those who worked on it are bonded as well - by friendships secured one stitch at a time. Like us, not all of the stitches are perfect, but ALL of the stitches are true. Like us, the quilt is a celebration of variety and diversity. Without the dark squares to set them off the light squares would only be a homogeneous blob.

Vincent reminds us that every individual's value emanates from humanity. He is testimony that it's not who you know, or what you wear, or how you look, how many awards you've won, or how many quilts you've stitched. It is your unique humanity which we value, and it's a treasure that can't be lost, stolen, embezzled, or counterfeited. Each of us acquires it the old fashioned way. There is not one of you who has not endured pain so we give it to all of you as a reminder that you have a host of friends waiting on the other side of whatever current you are swimming. There is not one of you who had not given of yourself to others so we give it to all of you as thanks. There is not one of us who has not inadvertently hurt someone so we give it to you as we hope to be forgiven ourselves. There is not one of us who hasn't in some way fulfilled potential so we give it to you in congratulations. If I were talented enough to make a video, you would be the stars; the words and music would be from the song "Perhaps Love"

"Oh some say love is holding on, and some say letting go; some say love is
everything, some say they don't know...
If I should live forever and all my dreams come true, my memories of love
will be of you."

Please remember - It isn't love until you give it away.

Sally Newman