The first The Beauty and the Beast Quilt was presented to the celebrities at the first B&B fan convention, Tunnelcon I. Ron Kolsow subsequently accepted it on behalf of the crew and returned it for international tour.... This quilt was made with the help (fabric, etc.) from fans all over the world, and has been professionally appraised




Beauty and the Beast Quilt.

Once upon a time in the city of New York and points north, south, east and west of this magical city, there appeared on a major network a most wondrous and romantic modern day fairy tale. Now this fairy tale so deeply and positively affected its viewers sometimes known as fans- that they sought to express their gratitude to the creators of this tale. An idea was born, an expression of thanks as unique and timeless as the tale itself, a handmade quilt dedicated to those who had illuminated words with such insight and magic so as to transform them into the essential elements of what it is to be human. A call went out and followers from worlds far and near, from the USA and Canada, from England, Belgium, Turkey, West Germany and South Africa - all responded with bits and pieces of woven memories. As creators had spoken their truths with words embellished with gesture, art, light, and music, the fans fashioned theirs with the fabrics of their lives - a favourite pair of jeans, a wedding dress, the blanket in which they had wrapped their babies, a dress given in memory of a friend who had died - All were stitched together with a thread called Love. Long before the first thousand or even the first hundred stitches had been sewn, these fans discovered something wonderful! They found that friendships, hearts, dreams, and memories had somehow been stitched in, right along with the fabric.
The tale so inspired this great undertaking, was none other than Beauty and the Beast, and the momentum of its love continues happily ever after.

Sally Newman. 1990