Tunnelcon II
June 12 - 14, 1992

a collection of Tunnelcon II items: conzine, tote bag, centerpiece (merry go round lion), 2 mugs, and a button

Tote bag
tote bag

Vincent and Catherine on carousel horses

mug, light brown with dark brown printing; round image of Vincent and Catherine on a carrousel horse; rounded text above: TunnelCon II; rounded text below: A Carrousel Fantasy

banquet centerpiece
carousel lion; it's  a candle holder; the lion is on a dowel mounted on an oval wooden base; the lion is painted wood, wearing a bridle around its mouth; saddle is black with gold trip and pink ruffles; pink roses where the saddle knob would be and on the lion's tail, which doubles back to the lion's backside

Sandy Chandler Shelton's con report

BlueroseCandlelight's vids:
Fan Writing Awards 1 of 2
Fan Writing Awards 2 of 2

Marina's photos
Ritch Brinkley wearing a chef's hat. Looks like he might be signing autographs. Big William-type smile on his face.


article in the 8/16/92 Sarasota Herald-Tribune