Great Expectations
July 1993

a collection of Great Expecations items: centerpiece, mug, conzine, tshirt, tote bag

Con registration - Paulette Edwards
Con Fanzine/Music Videos - Teri Johnson
Dealers' Tables - Lucy Green
Art Show - Kristene Newcomb

conzine: text: GREAT EXPECTATIONS | A World of Dancing Lights; image framed pencil drawing of Vincent and Catherine dancing; a candlebra is behind them; the frame has a cupid/angel sort of thing top center, winged lion heads top corners. leafy designs on the sides with roses center sides, on the bottom a ribbon that says OUR LOVE ENDURES ALL THINGS; also there's artwork on the zine cover that look like hinges on the left side and a lock on the right side

tote bag, tshirt
tote bag

banquet centerpiece
centerpiece: a book open on a stand. the corners of the pages are curled and they've been painted gold. A gold cord with tassel marks the open pages, which is Catherine reading to Vincent on the left, and on the right, text: And, as the morning mists had risen long ago when I left the forge, so the evenings mists were rising now, and in all the broad expanse of tranquil light they showed to me, I saw no shadow of another parting from her. Last paragraph of GREAT EXPECTATIONS, Charles Dickens, 1861

centerpiece, another view

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