1994 Tunnel Con III Report

by Cleindori

I'm sure some of you have convention reports sent in already, but I have to say that Tunnelcon was wonderful! I came home and started watching episodes again, something I haven't been able to do, just for fun, in three years. I attribute this to the con; specifically, the fact that all the Unpleasantness seems to be dying away, finally. I never in my wildest dreams expected to see the best fanzine award go

to Roxanne Koogler and Lucy Green, two avowedly third season people, nor to see a story award shared by third season story and a classic story. And I was VERY happy to hear Mike Maloney of the California group say that they will consider inviting guests from =all= seasons of the show to the 95 con (which, BTW, looks to be absolutely killer.)

I have to say that I wasn't planning to go to LA next year, and neither were many of my friends. But when I saw the presentation that the California group had put together, and read their flyer, I was so impressed with their dedication and determination that I signed up on the spot, and even volunteered to help. I sincerely hope that there will be none of this nastiness about threatening to boycott the con if third season guests are invited, as there was this year. If you can't bear to come if so-and-so is invited, fine. We'll miss you. Just don't take away my right to see them. (As you can tell, I feel =very= strongly about this. The Stephen McHattie flap nearly drove me out of fandom this year, and it is only because of the support of my Beast group that I stuck around for TCON. Now I'm glad I did! And the crazy thing is, =every single person= I've talked to about McHattie, classic and third season alike, said they would have liked to have heard him talk about BatB. Obviously, I haven't talked to everybody, but still...)