"A Distant Shore"
Fan Q Awards Winners

  1. Best Newsletter/Letterzine:

Helpers Network Gazette - Nan Dibble
Soulmates - A Neverending Dream - B. Hill/T. Milliman
Classic Connection - J. Fuller-Kleikamp

  1. Best Short Story (stories under 20 pgs):

It Lasts for Always - L. Combs
The First Time - M. Sayles
Sweet Surrender - L. S. Barth

  1. Best Poem:

Dream Seeker - L. Combs
Chamber Child - L. Combs
Tis Such A Sweet Pain - P. Garvin

  1. Best Anthology (zine containing more than one story):

Bondstories VIII - J. Fuller-Kliekamp/L. Hunten
Embrace the Night - A. Hooson/D. Ristick
Huntress II - R. Shearer-Koogler

  1. Best Novella (story over 20 pages, contained in zine with multiple stories):

Down in the Dark - R. Shearer-Koogler
Someone to Watch Over Me - A. Turner
Your Pain is My Pain - T. Peppe

  1. Best Novel (zine containing one story):

One Day, A Rapture - P. Garrett
Beyond Beginnings - L. S. Barth
When the Phoenix Sings - S. Glasgow

  1. Best "Zine" Cover Art (not restricted to zines):

Sensuous Candlelight - Rosemarie Hauer
Soulmates, A Neverending Dream - Teri Milliman
Huntress II - Jan Durr