A Distant Shore II : Remember Love

A Convention Report by Sharon

*Wednesday, July 5th, 2000*

Detroit to Phoenix: I found out do not take a 737 anywhere for more than 1 hour. This plane is 3 seats a space and 3 seats. I can't call the space between the 3 seats an aisle it was more of an after thought by the designers. At 5ft 5 even I was uncomfortable with the seating space. I can describe this plane as a tin can with wings.

I arrived at the hotel at 2:40pm California time. When I went down to the lobby who should I meet first but Aurea, and Pat King. I later met a couple of people from England and had dinner with Anne and Marie.


Touring About

The English Contingent as I thought of them through out the weekend, were a fantabulous (fantastic + fabulous) group to be around. The first stop was the mall. So we went SHOPPING. The mall that the hotel shuttle takes you to has three floors and as we walked through the hall I could smell coffee. Where was this wonderful smell coming from? Looking up there was Fudge & Coffee shop combined. The first thought was a female must own this. We found out it was cheaper to eat at the mall, not much, but definitely some.


*Thursday, July 6th, 2000*

Thursday in the Not Central Park

This group was in for a special treat. First stop was to Griffith Park Observatory the place where "Rebel Without A Cause" starring James Dean was partially filmed. In fact there is a monument to him to the right of the observatory. As you look to the right over the fence and way in the distance you will see the "HOLLYWOOD" sign. We were allowed to mosey along and be back at the bus in 1/2 hour. The observatory is only open in the afternoon so we didn't get a chance to look inside. But the view is spectacular. Back on the bus and heading for the park where the tunnel is. As we round the corner and head into the park someone on board yells "There's Vincent!". As Rosie enlightens everyone to becareful of the gopher holes and horse leavings, but does this stop anyone from rushing off the bus??? Noooo. I was enjoying taking pictures of those down there taking pictures of Vincent at the tunnel entrance. You would be surprised at the barrenness of the landscape around the tunnel. The greenery that was once so much apart of the legend is now gone replaced but dirt and sand.

We mulled around each getting their pictures taken with Vincent and then ambled over to the meeting hall for lunch. I was prepared for a box lunch and instead was delighted by a catered Bar-B-Q'd buffet. Lunch consisted of chicken, hot dogs, and hamburgers, potato salad, and pork & bean, soft drinks, and for desert COOKIES. You were able to either eat indoors or dine out side in the lovely picnic area provided amid the wonderful greenery. The temperature outside was so nice we decided to eat out side at the picnic tables.

Gracious Vincent even posed for pictures along the park bench and rocks, and also showed off the latest fashion apparel, the convention bag and sunglasses.

While I went back to the tunnel to get some last shot with out anyone around the rest of the group had wondered over to the carousel. As I came over the hill the carousel started to play. Watching the children come out of the woodwork or in this case the surrounding forest made me laugh. The carousel was gorgeous. Vincent ambled along and watching the expression on some of the children's faces was memory in the making. Children to you to remember the series stared amazed at Vincent pointing out to their parent "Mom look". To see Vincent on the carousel riding with every one was a joy to watch. But all to soon the afternoon drew to a close and we needed to start heading back to the bus.


*Friday, July 7th*

Opening Ceremonies, Fashion & Talent Show

I toured the Dealer's Room and had to buy the traditional Con T-shirt. I also picked up 2 from last year. Then I had to hurry on over for the opening ceremonies and fashion show. Linda Hamilton's red dress worn in episode #9 "Dark Spirit" was worn. The burgundy dress and cloak from "Once Upon a Time in the City of New York". The blue floral dress with a white lace petticoat was worn by Jackie this was from the "Orphans" episode. Jennifer did sign language to a Celene Dion tune for the Talent Show, which was very good. Edward Albert, David Greenlee, and I think Judy who was sitting in the front row gave the sign for love at the end of the performance. Very impressive.


The Q & A

Was immediately following this it included Edward Albert Jr., David Greenlee, and Lee Holdridge, and Jamie Murray. Edward was very gracious, David was congenial and fun, and Lee was professional and talkative. During the Q & A Edward was pleasantly surprised that the movie "Yellow Rose" was being shown it is one of his favorites. He mentioned that his dad is doing very well.

Myhr was asked the infamous question, "How long does it take you to put on that make-up?" The answer is 4 hours. Poor Myhr he gets asked that a lot. Myhr was quiet the imp on Friday. Getting into all sorts of mischief, and readily dispensing hugs all around.


The autographs

Everyone was wonderful and warm singing and posing for pictures for everyone. OK this is one story I have to relate to everyone ... Yes Verity this is about you. Verity like the other 5 of us are newbees to the cons or in the words we heard repeatedly this weekend "Con Virgins". We were getting our autographs and standing in line Verity was in front of me wearing her T-shirt that she wanted Edward to sign for her. She went around the side of the table to make it easier for him to sign. Squatting down with her back towards him Edward, he asks the question "Where would you like me to sign?" As Verity moves her hair Edward starts to give her a neck rub. Working down her back, suprising her immensely, he reaches a ticklish spot and Verity jumps. And yes Verity I have the pictures to prove it and their cute. All the pictures with Edward are sensational. Does he ever take a bad picture? I wish I had gotten a hug from him.

My 1st night I decided to try the "Daily Grill" as the hotel restaurant was called. Eating alone gave me time to compose thoughts and gear my mind to con business.


The Talent Show

The Myhr Poem was recited and I wonder if asked she would put it up on the CABB site. I am still so new at this that without my pictures a lot of the details would have slipped by, and also that I don't recall everyone's name. The Vincent & Cher show doing the popular song "I Got You Babe" was a hold your sides laughing sensation. Then Vincent falling asleep and Myhr as Catherine's next door neighbor asking her if she would like to come over and see his pictures. There was the Mulder/Skully cameo by Julie & Phil fully equipped with baby alien ultra sound. The skit with Elliot's Angels was a hit with Edward. The group then proceeded to present him with a T-shirt stating "Elliot's Angels". Then Jackie doing what happens on a Friday night at home. She proceeded to use the remote to go through the channels to find something, anything good on TV. The different channels yielded interesting tidbit of the past. Opening to things like "The Beverly Hillbillies", "Green Acres", and others shows we use to watch. The group I was with tried to remember and call out what they were sort of a contest among friends. We hated for that skit to end, it was fun.


The auction was directly after the talent show and finished at a late 11:30 PM. Some of the items were interesting. Edward started reading from one of the zines to boost the selling price. It did. WOW Edward reading steamy romance, my face turns red. David Greenlee modeled what were guessed to be a pair of Williams's pants. While Judy modeled the sweater and jacket. Posters and Designer's fashion prints were also auctioned off. The hit of the night, besides the pants David wore had to be the green robe that Edward modeled down the cat walk. It looked really good on him and in one picture it reminds me of Samurai warrior dress.

And a number of us that gathered in the lobby to talk we just didn't want to go to bed. Well no sleep tonight.


*Saturday 8th*

We started the day with a Q & A and an autograph session.

Q & A and Autographs

Today at 9 am was Jay Acovone, Linda Campanelli, and Judy Shimizo-Martinez. At 1:00 it was Margaret Basserta-Prentice, David Swartz, and Eric Wise. A word to the wise you get all of these people together and add Edward Albert and an hour goes by in a split second. The questions and stories were marvelous. Eric mentioned that he is involved in a school reading program with children where people going into the class and read to the students .kewl.


Jay's horse story:

Now remember this is NOT verbatim. The gist of the story is that Robin Leach of "Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous" called. In talking to Jay's wife Fonda he was volunteered into riding in Northern California for the show. Jay doesn't ride. The way he describes the horse is that the horse was HUGE the saddle part started at the ceiling. While Jay is riding on this huge horse the horse spots something up the hill. Jay wants the horse to go straight but does he? Nooooooo. In any event he nearly gets thrown and definitely gets the tar scared out of him. He laughs now when he's telling the story. And will NOT get on another horse ever.


Band of Angels

During the break for lunch there was a "Band Of Angels" workshop. This group is near and dear to Edward. This group is there for you when you need support or prayers. With Fathers philosophy that you lend help and take help when offered. For anyone interested see Ms Linda Moore at lcmoore99@mindspring.com . Edward was seen wearing the BOA T-shirt most of the weekend. He also mentioned flying in a helicopter with his godfather Uncle Walt Disney and wearing his Davey Crockett hat.


The Banquet!!!

Our table was a smattering of different people. When signing up for diner I referred to it as the kiddie table because we were in the back near the left door. Well the waiter we had has a lot to be desired. David Swartz went on stage to ask if we had seen the story "Chicken Run" because it looked like the chicken we were suppose to have at dinner ran away. After a number of people changed from chicken to beef then the chicken was found. Isn't that always the way? While finishing up diner who should walk in the door in a tux but Father (Roy Dotrice). One word sums this up ... 

WOW!!! Mr. Dotrice made appoint of going to each of the tables to greet everyone. He was so wonderful. The kind of class and elegance today you only find in books. Diner was followed by previews of the music videos. After Jamie threatened us with great bodily harm if we didn't put video and still cameras away. These videos are offered by HAT (Helpers Above Tulsa) I definitely want a copy. My eyes got misty they were so good. Father was in the back watching these with us. About 45 minutes later David gets Roy to the stage on some flimsy excuse in order to surprise him when Ron Perlman walks in from the door at the left of the stage.

David then announces that he will be taking donations for anyone who would like to meet with Ron. Ron then reaches into his pocket and with out looking puts all of the bills in his pocket in the basket. What generosity. Ron was courteous gallant, chivalrous how many words are there to describe him? To freely give of his time and Father too ....There are no words.


The Auction

With Ron coming to see us and visit with Roy he was snagged for the auction. He presented an outfit that was up for bids. It was nice watching him visit with Margaret, and Eric but most of all to see him with Roy. They really have respect and admiration for each other and it shows. Up for auction were a few outfits from the show, a "Quest for Fire" poster, a Winterfest candle (the real thing), a mini Vincent costume this looked like overall and a white sweater. The group had fun with the double-sided movie theater window box posters. David was having fun reading the posters backwards. The auction didn't finish till way after midnight. Judy, David, Eric, and Jamie were enthusiastic display models used to auction items off.


The Costume Room

The room was open most of the weekend but with things happening one right after another this was the fist time I really had a change to go in and look. As I'm realizing that these costumes were the original ones used I felt awed. The burgundy dress and coat worn in the pilot by Linda Hamilton were there along with, the vivid red and purple trimmed dress worn in "Siege". Catherine's lilac dress with the beading at the v-neck and shoulders worn in all the introduction, the white tunnel garment from "Orphans", the black dress from "A Happy Life", and of course Vincent's magnificent hooded cloak were there. Mouses' sweater and Catherine's red dress from "Dark Spirit" were also on display so that we could all look to see the actual garment worn up close.


*Sunday 9th*

My alarm didn't go off and so I was late for breakfast. Well I have to look on it as the most expensive muffin I've ever had. The Q & A and the autograph session were cancelled for today because everyone already had received theirs. So this left about three hours to bum around before the closing ceremonies. It was rather anti-climatic. Judy was gracious enough to be there through out the weekend and I was fortunate enough to speak with here on Sunday. She works on cars, full fledge full sized cars. Plus she is into model kit cars. With me working at General Motors that's the direction the conversation when in. Judy is not only beautiful on the outside but the inside as well. This woman is cute and smart.

Suprisingly, David Greenlee spent most of his free time talking to me which kind of stymied me. On Sunday we relaxed in the lobby, drinking coffee from the hotel lobby vendor, and talking about the 'Dark Shadows' convention that was going on at the airport this weekend. We talked about life after B&B and how if you don't like rejection this is not the industry to be in. That morning while we were sitting in the lobby we watched Edward hurry across the lobby to the art room. Kathleen went to ask him something and got a kiss from him. WOW she pointed "Edward kissed me right here." She pointed to her right cheek.


*Monday 8th*

Well I realized DON'T stay another day unless there is something that's scheduled. Needless to say I was bored, bored, bored. The lobby by now is pretty empty most everyone has flown out yesterday or are flying out today. Verity, Ralf and his wife are going to find "Buffy's" high school. Some are going to Universal Studios, while others are going on a sightseeing trip to see the star's homes. Being a newbee but one use to being one her own has been an experience.