A Kingdom by the Sea III: A Celebration of Love
July 12-14, 2002

con logo, Clare Sieffert's "The Two of Us in the Sunshine"

conzine, tshirt
conzine, artwork same as logo, autographed: Sue- So happy you came to play with the crazies! David Schwartz; Sue Love Ya Jay Acovonetshirt

Tote bag front and back
tote bag, white canvas, art by Clare Sieffert, Vincent looking down at Catherine in the sunshine; text above the image: A Kingdom by the Sea III; text below the image: A Celebration of Love | July 12-14, 2002 | Orlando, Floridasame as front, except black and white instead of color

con schedule (pdf)

Suze's con report

Chan's con report

je's con report

je's photos
Bubba on a bed with a painting of Vincent't window behind

More photos, from BBTV
wall hangings, black silhouettes on white canvas, by Chan

Photos of con items are from the B&B museum.