Orlando 2002



hi, all- joann and chan and karen q. and cathy m. here, on a laptop w/o

a working shift key - so no caps or exclamation point, so please bear

w/the odd-looking message. we're already sleep-deprived and the con

just started. most of us have been here since wed. and we've been

having wonderful chat sessions. it's been hot and muggy but the hotel

is great - even if the air conditioning is set too high...for some.

chan threatened to take her clothes off if we didn't get the ac up

high, so we're deferring to her. the con opened today and folks have

been having a good time in the dealers room and the panels. the

international fans put on a wonderful presentation of snippets of the

show in various languages. listening to vincent speak russian was

wonderful. chan has set up an incredible vincent's chamber and marilyn

howard brought vincent's robe, which is now draped casually upon his

bed, awaiting terri and lynn wright to tell him what to do with it.

the art room is co-located with the dealers room and the panel room can

be opened to create one contiguous space where we're buying, eating,

meeting, chatting, etc. very cozy and tunnelish. clare seiffert has

created some magnificent pieces of art - a "vincent" egg and a crystal

etched w/V and C's faces. Cecio is displaying a lovely piece of her

art - and we have to encourage her to do more, as her vincent is

wonderful. sandy tew has some incredible portraits and other pieces.

registrations are brisk for the san francisco con. will try to post

more tomorrow - lyn and chan are about to leave to pick david s. up at

the airport. we're expecting lively bidding for some great pieces at

the charity auction later.

bye for now -



Greetings from Orlando.

It is Monday morning after the con and I am right now "sleeping in"..



This year's convention was quite different than the cons past. We had

some new options in "who wants to be a Beastiare" The Celeb's really

got into it.

We had a sculpting panel: everyone made a playdough Vincent. Most

everyone is trying to figure out how to get their's home.


One thing I liked was that during the Q&A and some other events, the

wall was removed between the dealer/artroom and no one missed

anything... they could continue to work/chat, etc and still be

included. I liked the big room feel anyway. [made my gopher job



Helpers from bbtv were everywhere this year putting things together and

making things a little easier for Lyn and everyone "officially' working

the con. What a great underground group we have.


Our guest dealers were extremely impressed with the con and

it's "feeling" of family & love. The were full of questions and roamed

the art show admiring the quality of our fan materials. We are pretty

sure we have some converts in appreciation at least. They were a great

addition: rose art, stained glass, decorated eggs and wonderful

aromatic soaps.


woops.. I was going to give a long report but just got a call from deb... i am missing a

meeting for NEXT year's con in San Francisco

ppl: start your convention fund NOW.  It's gonna be another great one!

Sandy Chandler Shelton