Of Love and Hope: A Summerfest Family Reunion
July 9-11, 2004

con logo: black and white image, upper left is black with white text, remainder of image is white with black images. center right, a candlestick, at its feet an open book covered with the pouch and Catherine's rose; below the book his a feather quill, to the right of that Catherine's crystal; lower left is a photo of Vincent and Catherine. text: Of Love and Hope; a summerfast family reunion; 15th Annual Beauty and the Beast Convention; July 9-11, 2004; Kansas City, Missouri

tshirt, mug, conzinetote bag & contents: fan bookmark, mask, pencils, tea; and  name badge and candle

banquet centerpiece
banquet centerpiece: shallow bowl containing 3 white pillar candles of different heights, a red and a white rose, and some green leaves
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Pixie and Lynn

More photos, from Deb F and BBTV
group picture on the staircase between second floor and lobby of the Hotel Phillips

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