Well, here we are again...another "con", another "con report". ;)

Unfortunately, I didn't arrive until late on Friday night, so I missed all
of the Friday activities. You'll have to see other reports (Sigma did a
great one!) for more details about what happened pre-con and on Friday.

Anyway, here we go....

Suze's Adventures at the OLAH Summerfest Family Reunion!

Part 1


I finished up my packing nice and early (the bag was only about half full,
so I ended up including a pillow to fill it out <g>), so I spent most of
the day twiddling my thumbs and wishing I was in Kansas City already! I
happened to bump into Chan online that night and we chatted a bit about the
festivities. It just made be want to be there even more!!! Friday night
couldn't come too soon...


And if you thought Thursday's antsiness was bad, Friday blew it
away. Because I'd originally thought I'd be working (I'd like to reserve a
dip in the fount of employment, please?), my flight wasn't scheduled until
around 7:00pm, so I had a whole day to go crazy! But, I did sleep in
(trying to stock up on the zzzzz's while I could), then spent the day
running errands. Chan made me feel useful by asking for some yarn for a
project, so at least I could contribute a little bit from afar.

Finally, it was getting to be 4:00pm and I decided to give up and head over
to the airport. After parking my van, I found my way inside, got all
checked in, and prepared to wait. I wandered around the airport and picked
up some "Cactus Candy" from one of the shops to share with my roomies (what
did become of it???). I got a couple of magazines, then headed down to the
gate to wait. I was super early. So early, in fact, that when I tried to
sit in the "A" line area (I was flying Southwest), I ended up having to
move because they were routing another flight through that gate. It didn't
end up mattering anyway, as the flight was SO empty! Around 100 empty
seats, so I had loads of room to stretch out. I love that!

I got into the Kansas City airport at a little before 11:30pm local time,
and quickly ran over to the KCI Shuttle kiosk to purchase my tickets before
they closed. I didn't have anything to worry about, though, and as soon as
I retrieved my bag from the carousel, we were off. It took about 15-20
minutes to get to the Hotel Phillips (I was the first stop, which was
nice), so I hit the lobby at about midnight. Of course, as I'd realized on
the ride over, I hadn't made any arrangements with my roomies regarding
room keys and I had no idea what room I was supposed to be in. The helpful
desk agent suggested that I call up to the JoAnn Baca room that he "knew
had people in it", so I did and was quickly invited up.

A good number of us were on the seventh floor and I found the gang in room
709. I got my hugs from everyone and we hung out and chatted for about an
hour. Then, as it was now going on 1:00am local time, I was escorted to my
room - 707 (I think) - by my roomie, Pat K. K.G. was our other roomie, and
she was already trying to sleep, so I quickly got myself situated and we
all headed off to bed.

Yes, the sound soother made it's usual appearance! ;)

Unfortunately, between the incredible spike in humidity in KC (I got used
to the desert dryness awfully quickly) and a room somewhat warmer than I'm
used to, I was just miserably hot and sweaty. Blech. I tossed and turned
until I finally fell asleep somewhere after 3:30am.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz......


I think Lori already posted the con schedule in most places, but here is a
rehash of what I missed on Friday:

Registration and merchandise pick-up were from 9:00am-10:00am, followed by
the opening ceremony, the "getting to know you" cards, a reappearance of
the audience participation story, the season 1 trivia game (if anybody has
a copy of this, could you send it to me?), and a spokesperson from this
year's charity, Shadow Buddies.

After lunch (own your own), they opened up the orphan table and art
display, showed some music videos (by ???? I'd love to know what was
shown), played Beast Bingo, and had a tattoo parlor. I made the tattoos,
and was SO pleased to learn that everybody liked them! (even if there
weren't any left for me...I knew I should have saved one of the "Sexy
Vincent"s for myself! <vbg>).

There was pasta station for dinner, followed by several slide shows by Deb
(which I heard were wonderful), a group reading of the fanzine "Sleepless
in Providence", a round of "Pin the Rose Pouch on Vincent" and followed by
the more risque "Pin the Dangly Bits on Vincent". I can't believe I missed

Everything wrapped up at about 8:30pm and everyone was given the
opportunity to relax and visit with other fans for the rest of the
evening. All in all, sounds like everybody had a wonderful day! :)


Lots more to come as we head into Saturday....Suze actually gets up on time
(whoa!)....has "fun with bread"....refuses to buy anything (I'm still in
debt from last year!)....and gets "queenly" for the costume contest and
talent show.

-- Suze