The Top Ten Reasons Why Myhr Couldn't Deliver a Top Ten List for the Con:

10. The 4th of July fireworks left him traumatized.

9. He loves that July Texas weather too much to leave.

8. The cops busted him for the illegal catnip lab in his basement.

7. He's already used up 6 of his 9 lives and doesn't want to risk one in
Kansas City.

6. He's had a long-standing feud with Toto.

5. An embarrassing attack of the mange has left his fur a bit...mangy.

4. Now that he's having books written about him, he's lost touch with the
"little people."

3. Having that sordid affair with P.N. Elrod took a lot out of him.

2. He heard they barbecue anything in Kansas City and he didn't want to be
mistaken for dinner!

And the number one reason Myhr couldn't deliver a top ten list:
1. Ever since he heard that Halle Berry was going to play Catwoman, he
hasn't been able to think of anything else!