Remember the Magic
July 7-9, 2006

con logo
logo: center image in an oval, purple, snow-capped mountains in the background, white and red roses foreground; text above image: Remember the Magic; text below: Beauty and the Beast | Denver 2006

conzine, artwork by Sandy Chandler Shelton

October 2005 newsletter email

'BB-TV Does Denver' tshirts and tote bags made by Chan for BBTV list members
mountains in the background, Vincent and Catherine foreground, hands intertwined; text above: BB-TV Does Denver; text below: Beauty and the Beast | Denver - July 7-9 2006tote bag
artwork by Sandy Chandler Shelton

JoAnn's con report

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tshirt made by Chan for the Fandom Projects panelists
"Ask Me About Fandom Projects" tshirt made by Chan; below the text is an easel, with an artists palette leaning against one of its legs; on the easel is a painting of Vincent and Catherine kissing, her hand in his hair, his hand through her hair holding her neck
artwork by Sandy Chandler Shelton

card/menu from tea party (add-on activity)
front cover of tea party card: text: Tea Time! image is a red tea cup with a happy, sleepy mouse peeking out the top; the tea bag paper hangs over the edge of the tea cup - it says rose hipinside of tea party card, menu: Remember the Magic | Tunnel Tea | July 9, 2006 | Mary's Cucumber Sandwiches | William's Chicken Salad on Croissants | Pascal's Egg Salad Sandwiches || Crumpets with Butter and Lemon Curd | Devonshire Splits with Strawberry Preserves | and Devonshire Cream | Father's Oatmeal Scones || Catherin's Chocolate Covered Strawberries | Vincent's Favorite Chocolate Cake | Mouse's Strawberry Mousse Roses in Tarlet | Shells || Harney & Sons Earl Grey Supreme | Harney & Sons Peach & Ginger Iced Tea | Harney & Sons Sencha Green Tea

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