Deb F. con memories 2006


Not in any particular order:

Seeing and spending time with my tunnel family. The wonderful hugs and kisses,
the laughter, the tears, the warm place that I fall.

The tunnel tea...the food was wonderful and it was a great photo-op.

The total silence during the showing of "Wither". I thought about an
introduction explaining that it would show Vincent's battle with his "dark"
side, but through the silence, I knew everyone "got it". How could I have ever
doubted it? (My heart was pounding every time I showed a video!!)

Long conversations into the night with my roomies. I guess because I live
alone, I miss having someone to talk to in bed.

The candle lighting at the banquet.

Lee's piano playing brings me to tears every time. And he seems to be a
genuinely nice person. I love his stories.

Laughing, talking, and of course drinking until the bar closed.

The room parties.

The pajama party, even though I almost froze on the floor. Thanks to who ever
it was gave me a blanket.

The bus tour to the mountains. That ride down the mountain was like a roller

Did I mention spending time with my tunnel family?

The trip to Celestial Seasonings and being Rosemarie's Co-Pilot. I wasn't a
very good co-pilot (OK, I guess telling someone to pull out in front of a truck
b/c he it would be his fault if he hit you would qualify as a terrible
co-pilot!) I laughed a lot. Rosemarie didn't laugh much.

Not paying attention and getting in the revolving door with Cyndi and both of us
having to run to keep from getting run over by either the door or each other.
(Another time when we laughed a lot...I'm laughing now!)

Having such a good crowd during the Fandom Projects Panel. I hope everyone
jumps in and helps us get these special projects done.

The total acceptance of the bench in Central Park project. I love the idea of
the bench and think it would be a wonderful way to pay tribute to both the show
and the fans.

Did I mention spending time with my tunnel family?

I guess that's all for now.