I want to thank everyone that has done so much to help with this year’s convention.  First I’d like to thank those that came before me…the early cons and those that kept the conventions going until I could find you.  Like so many others, I thought I was the only one on my side of the river (sound familiar?).  Little did I know that you all were there the whole time and when I found you, you welcomed me with open arms. You are my family of choice.

I want to thank my roomie, Rosemarie. Rosemarie has stood by me, supported me and cheered me on. Thanks for all your hard work.  I’m sorry, but I think I have started to snore in my old age. Thank you!!

JoAnn Baca has been my support and has pulled me back to earth when my imagination went a little too wild (which it tends to do pretty often). I have bounced ideas off of her and she has given me so much advice.  I value your opinion and your friendship so much.  Thank you!!

 Sandy Tew, thank you so much for all your hard work on the banquet centerpieces.  You are so talented and I admire you.  Thank you!!

Next I want to thank Chan for sharing her wonderful talents once more in designing our 2009 Logo.  Chan, you never cease to amaze me.  Thank you!

 J’ecris, you are always open to ideas and always know how to make them “net-worthy” Thank you for your friendship and for sharing your expertise on the net.  Also thanks for putting everything on the site and doing the schedules for me.  Thank you!

 To the Chesapeake Helpers' Society for Beauty and the Beast, thank you so much for the wonderful, beautiful candles for our banquet.  The ceremony alone is so special, but to know that the candles that we use were made by such diligent helpers takes the special/beautiful factor over the moon.  Thank you!!

Thanks to Marilyn and Donna for your help with the conzine that I thought wasn’t going to materialize.  You are so easy to work with and so willing to help. Thank you!!

To Rebecca M. for doing the place markers and helping with the decorations for the Banquet…Thank you!

To HAT for all the little extras you make for us and for the wonderful bingo games.  A con wouldn’t be a con without you.  Thank you!!

To Candlelight Creations, Terravin, and Stace, thank you for sharing your beautiful gift of creativity.  I am in awe of you.  Thank you!

Thank you to everyone that has glued, nailed, carried, tagged, arranged, or copied. Your hands and minds are so needed and I am so thankful for them.  Please forgive my old mind if I left anyone out, it was not intentional. Thank you!!

And thank you to all of you that have attended.  It is my sincere hope that you have fun while you are here, but I also want to share the dream with you.  I want you to see it, smell it and taste it.  I want you to remember love and I want you to believe in the dream.  I want you to carry it with you as we leave this place and I want you to keep it alive, until we meet again.  And I want you to keep it alive, so that those that continue to think they are the only ones on their side of the river can find us and know that they not only are not alone, the never were.

In closing I want to offer you this prayer:

I wish you peace in your journey through life.
I wish you joy in your quest to become the persons you were meant to be.
I wish you courage to face the difficulties that come into your life.
I wish you the freedom to follow your fondest dreams.


With each memory let our hearts be reminded that nothing can ever take away the love we have known.  For love remains a part of us forever!