Thy Sweet Love Remember'd
July 8-10, 2011

Claire's con memories

My long overdue list that had been sitting in my drafts
There is always more, of course... take this as a minimum :-)


The incomparable feeling of arriving in an unknown city where you already know and love a dozen people or two, even on the first Wednesday.

Seeing everyone again... or in many cases, for the first time after a long wait!
Catching up... bonding...
Talking with someone I should have but hadn't spoken to before.
Meeting new people.
Knowing it will probably get even easier the third time.

Noticing how everyone tends to flash their best smiles and grins - incessantly.
Daydreaming of a smile contest, only to realize the number of ex aequos would be crazy.

Understanding everyone - but missing Lynn Aoki's Scots all the same ;-)

Loving the sights, and the food, right away. And the hotel swimming pool!

Having strangers greet us on the street at 6 a.m. the first morning (so unlike some cities I know).

All the add-ons (but one).

Truly relaxing for a whole week, for the first time in ages.

Enjoying the Con itself almost like an old habit, without that puzzled, slightly lost, "what-am-I-going-to-miss" first-timer feeling.
Just feeling comfortable!

The art display. Aaaaah!
Winning what I had chosen! Big adrenaline shot (and silent thanks to Chan).
Seeing friends win theirs.

Peggy Garvin's new cloak made of original fabric - and Vincent's mended one. Impressive and special.

Seeing something twice (and in silence too, the 2nd time)

Tamara's crystals.

Hearing a few of our best singers at the Con and at the Cat's Meow (it's never enough).

Making a little something for charity.

Surprising Fruitcake!

The video on Teachers, with pictures of Chan interspersed in it. Even the old one with the guitar.

The picture of  Chan's bench in Oscoda.

The Winterfest-like circle in the closing ceremonies, and the ensuing hugs (duh)

Going from "why on earth should I go to Dallas" to "I MUST!" in no time at all (even if it was a few days).


PS: and yet, there was the thought of Joan...