Modified Winterfest Opening and Closing Ceremony Words
because je wanted a Winterfest/Summerfest withOUT reference to the Evil One :-)

If you want to use the changed wording at your own con, go for it!

Banquet Opening

The world Above is warm and bright,
winter a distant memory.

Today we celebrate our shared community
and the light of friendship.

However...   [above words replace first sentence of original; the rest is the same]

Our world, too, has known its winters,
so each year, we begin this feast in darkness,
as our world began, in darkness.

Long before the city above us raised its towers to the sky,
men sought shelter in these caverns.
In those days, these tunnels were dark places,
and those who dwelt here dwelt in fear and isolation.

This was a land of lost hope, of twisted dreams,
a land of despair,
where the sounds of footsteps coming down a tunnel
were the sounds of terror.
Where men reached for knives and rocks and worse
at the sound of other men's voices.

At last, a few people learned to put aside their fear.
And we began to trust each other, to help each other.
Each of us grew stronger - those who took the help
and those who gave it.

We are all part of one another:
one family, one community.
Sometimes we forget this,
and so we meet here, each year
to give thanks to those who have helped us
and to remember:

Even the greatest darkness is nothing,
so long as we share the light.


Closing ceremonies

As we part for another year,
let us remember the Dream that brought us together,

the friendship that binds us,
the belief in helping others and receiving help.

Hands joined together cannot strike in anger;
hearts full of love cannot hate;

and laughter, like light, chases away the dark.
Be well, dear friends!