2016 Beauty and the Beast Convention
A Life Without Limits: A Steampunk Fantasy
July 15-17, 2016 - New Jersey/New York

Thank you letter from Rosemarie

July 24, 2016

There was so much going on at the con, it all went by in a blur and whirlwind! I was feeling very emotional at the closing ceremonies and I felt that if I tried to thank some people, I would not only be a blubbering mess, but I would forget most of what I wanted to say. Sometimes, introverts need to take a step back and gather their thoughts.

So, now that I’ve had time to reflect on the experience I want to acknowledge the people who made this con possible. It really is a group effort. Everyone gives of themselves and the result is so much more than the sum of its parts.

I’d like to extend my heartfelt thanks to:

Cindy Riddles for the wonderful ice breaker activity that started the con off on a fun and friendly note.

JoAnn, Pat L. and Karen Q. for the fascinating information from the GRRM archives.

Teri, Linda, Peggy, Jackie K. and Gloria for the writing panel.

Pat L. for interviewing Terrance Ellis and Vicky for editing the interview down to bite-sized portions.

Terrance Ellis himself for letting us get to know him.  He talked about his character like he played him just yesterday, and had such thoughtful and intelligent comments about the show.

Karen Cress for organizing Mary’s Handcrafting Circle and donating the results to the auction.

Brenda and Jackie H. for Dirty Minds with a New Jersey twist.

Judy for Beast Bingo and White Stuff!

Everyone who contributed prizes to the prize bin for Beast Bingo and other games.

Allison for the “It’s Good to Read” game.  She also had several good videos that due to technical problems we were not able to show.

Karen Q. for Framing Your Con Memories. I love this craft and loved seeing all the beautiful frames that were made.
J’Ecris for the Life Below game. Also, for taking charge of the web cam so people at home could watch along with us.

Laura for the Tell Me game.

Karen Q. for her beautiful con card art and everyone who contributed either stamps or money to buy stamps.

JoAnn, Laura, J’Ecris, Michelle and Deb who gave me endless valuable advice as past con organizers.

Liz & Sally Perkins for the beautiful Vincent’s Chamber. They did it in 2008 also, but I noticed a few differences in this one that made it even better. I was sitting there one night after the con room had cleared and the room was dark except for the glowing window. I felt a moment of such peace and calm. I wish I had a place like that to go to every time I felt stressed! J  Liz & Sally also made the beautiful V&C pendants in the tote bags and helped in a multitude of ways with planning, banquet decorations and add-ons logistics. It was mainly thanks to their quick thinking, and NOT the bus driver,  that we didn’t get stuck in the Lincoln Tunnel traffic on Monday.

Deb Fowler and Laura Goist for doing the auctions. As many of you know, I tried to do the action in 2008 and failed miserably. It’s a lot harder than it looks to keep track of bids and be funny at the same time. I did however, love helping with the auctions this year for the first time.

Someone asked me where I got the Winterfest candles.  Maybe not everyone knows that The Chesapeake Group has been doing the Winterfest candles for years now. Lately, they have even worked with the theme of the con to make them special. The candles this year were outstanding - the most beautiful to date.  

Thank you also to the Chesapeake Group for offering us the Siesta Fiesta next July in San Diego.

The Con Virgins were a great group this year. Thank you for taking that leap and following your heart to join us! We loved meeting you.

Nef and Enchanted for making sure the con virgins “got laid.”

Teresa Miller for being the Virgin Wrangler and for the NJ version of her wonderful “Haze of Happiness” buttons.

Laura and Krista for the amazing beautiful conzine! And everyone who submitted stories and art to it.

Everyone who participated in the Talent Show, making it so fun and memorable.

Everyone who donated so generously to our charity, Hometown Heroes. Some just gave me cash donations or checks without even bidding on anything.

Mike Schwartz, of Hometown Heros, for driving up from South Jersey to talk to us.

Our fabulous guests: Caitlin O’Heaney, Jay Acovone and Renn Woods.  Did you know that Renn and Caitlin know each other outside of B&B?  Also, to my surprise, Renn’s manager knows Jay from “way back when” – before they were in the entertainment business, I gathered. Our banquet table was like a class reunion – the four of them really seemed to have a genuinely good time.

All of you for being very patient with the transportation problems: late busses, boats that were moved to the other side of the Hudson River, major grid-lock at the Lincoln Tunnel, shuttles that did not have wheelchair access. I apologize profusely for the transportation issues!
I’d also like to thank my roomie, Cyndi Rodriguez, for stepping in and organizing the bus on Tuesday morning while Liz, Sally and I made a trip to the bank.  She did an amazing and professional job.

Thank you to Sally Perkins for doing the beautiful logo art.

Winterose, Pip, Sandy X and Sandy Tew who did Steampunk drawings that were not used for the logo, but graced the con as decorations and brought in money for the charity at the auction.

Crowmama for the wonderful art that gave me the idea for the gorgeous sleep shirts.

Pat M. for making the lantern centerpieces and the episode themed plates that made up part of the banquet centerpieces. Pat was also very helpful with logistics for the add-ons.

Pat M. and John M., JoAnn and Larry, Pat L. and Laura for setting up and working in the dealer’s room throughout the con and handling the technical stuff that I am not very good at. Pat L. has computerized the whole dealer’s room process, I don’t think a lot of people know that, and I can’t imagine the work that went into doing it. She also had a glitch in the system right before the con and worked round the clock to get it fixed.

Cheryl and Kiki for offering us information on the 30th Anniversary con in Sept of 2017.

And finally, a huge THANK YOU to everyone who attended the con. Everyone who may not have known much about this crazy thing called Steampunk last year this time, but then truly embraced it! I so loved seeing all of your brilliant costumes!

Thank you all so very much.

Remember Love,