Providence...Is When Something Is Meant To Be

Painting by Clare Sieffert


All the pieces of artwork posted here are kindly loaned by their authors, whom I heartfully thank.
So please don't take them to post elsewhere without the artist's permission!
The pics are intentionally small. To see more (a lot more!), go and visit the websites I recommend to you at the end of the page.

Art is another domain where the B&B fans' creativity is fully expressed.  In the last two decades, thousands of various pieces of art were created, of which only a small part can be found online. Many of them illustrate zines, some were used to ornate t-shirts, others are sold by their authors at cons or by mail-order. Drawings and paintings are the dominant media, but there are also sculptures, miniatures, and all kinds of other stuff.  

 Vincent Bust

by Josiane Garrigues
           The Whispering Bridge      
miniature by Sandy "Chandler" Shelton             

Vincent Bust
by Clare Sieffert

There's also more and more computer-generated art, drawings, photomontages, wallpapers and such.



Photomontage by Lynn Wright


One of Yphirendi's wonderful wallpapers

Of course, Vincent gets the... lion share of portraits

As seen by Sandy "Chandler" Shelton

As seen by Rosemarie Hauer

As seen by Lynn Wright

Very often with Catherine at his side

 Catherine and Vincent
by Rosemarie Hauer

by Sandy "Chandler" Shelton
by Lynn Wright

But there are also portraits of other characters, or Tunnel life scenes.

  Mouse                                                            Quality Time
by Lynn Wright                                         Father and little Vincent
by Sandy "Chandler" Shelton


Humor is by no means absent. There are many cartoons, and the hilarious P S Nim graphic novels, of which I unfortunatly can't post any pictures, but you'll find a link to them further down. 
Suze Howe's "Central Park" characters had so much success that she printed them on stationery and t-shirts, now sold out. 


But art is also meant for dreaming. Dreams of "things that are not and should be". Artists, like fic authors, have the power to grant V&C everything the show's creators denied them. Starting with the famous, long-hoped-for kiss.

Kiss In Color
by Sandy "Chandler" Shelton


And with art, all things are possible... you are allowed to fantasize


Red Shirt
Photomontage by L.Wright

Drawing by Rosemarie Hauer

Toward Love
by Sandy "Chandler" Shelton

by Rosemarie Hauer


Sweet Sleep of Night
by Sandy "Chandler" Shelton

His Shirt
by Lynn Wright

by Sandy C. Shelton

Photomontage by L.Wright



Photomontage by Lynn Wright

breakfast in bed

Come on, what were you expecting? This is a G-rated page!
If you want some "wild" stuff (and believe me there is, and then some!), you'll have to find it yourself. Provided, of course, that you are over 18!!

And now, where can you find all those and much, much more?
Here are a few links to my favorite art pages.

On this website, the pages devoted to French sculptor Josiane Garrigues

The "Artwork" section of Marina's website
 In addition to the artists already featured here, I particularly recommend the artwork by Jamie "Myhr" Murray and Barbara Gipson, but everything's worth a visit! You'll need Flash Player to watch the slideshows, except for Jamie's and Clare's art. 

 CABB's Art Gallery  
Art and photomontages. Take a look at Sandy Tew's work!

Also on CABB,  the "Work of Hands" section
Various objects crafted by fans. Fun!

The "Fanart" section in The Steam Tunnels
Drawings and photomontages. Be warned, TST is an adult website and contains some very explicit stuff, so don't go there if you're underage or offended by that kind of thing!

The Artroom, Chandler's website
Quite a few broken links, but what there is is worth the detour!

Tunnelbrat's (aka Chandler) and Suze Howe's Deviantart pages. They don't do only B&B, so you'll have to forage a bit. 

Yphirendi's gorgeous wallpapers.

A few samples from  PS Nim's graphic novels  
Click on the pics, follow the links and enjoy!

More of her work HERE and by clicking on "play the game", you'll find portraits of Vincent by lots of different artists, some of which are not online. Click on the pics to enlarge them.

Rita Terrell's infamous Beastcake Calendars Hot stuff!

 Clare Sieffert's website,
where you can order prints of her work

For musical art slideshows, go and watch the Candlelight Creations videos:
"Breathless" art by R. Hauer
"Poison" photomontages by L.Wright
"Red Light Special" art by Chandler
You'll find them on  Batbforever. Hot stuff! While you're there, treat yourself to the other videos.

And don't miss the wonderful "Bless the Beasts and the Children", also a Candlelight Creation. That  one-time-only, childhood-themed collection of works by various artists was put together for Winterfest Online.

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