A character in and of itself, whose wonders will be revealed episode after episode


The Spiral Staircase

The Great Hall and its tapestries

The faraway Crystal Cavern, where Vincent goes to find a present for Catherine


The Waterfall, where he loves to sit and meditate
and the Mirror Pool, mysteriously reflecting the sky


The Whispering Gallery, where the voices of Above can be heard


The bottomless Abyss gaping under
frail bridges

The chamber of the Winds

Those huge structures were man-built, but by whom, and when? What civilization, now disappeared, shaped that world? We'll never know. The present tunnel dwellers just found it so.

A wonderful world, but also full of dangers and traps, like the Maze with its deadly cave-ins that emprison Father and Vincent in Shades of Gray.


The world Below is a labyrinth of galleries and gaverns that seems to go endlessly down

With its sinister Catacombs

and the nameless river leading to Paracelsus' infernal lair


A world of darkness, but curiously enough, never utterly dark, even in the deepest tunnels. Some places even seem to get a certain amount of daylight. A twisting of facts for plot commodity? Let us rather attribute it to the magic of the place. In the dimness, more or less illuminated by candles (and some electric light, apparently) everything appears brown, grey or a dull purple, with very few bright colors. The light coming from Below is always golden, the light from Above a cold, blue-ish white.


Cartesian minds might wonder at so much light coming from a drainage culvert, or flooding down from a building's basement. But there again, we must let ourselves be drawn into the story's magic, where those lights symbolize the opening of a passage between the worlds.


The Tunnel Community        Vincent, Catherine       ...and the others

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