25 February 2013 Chat Log

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25 February 2013 Chat Log

by Zara » Sat Aug 10, 2013 12:01 pm

(2013-02-25 10:39:36 GMT) Guest 2: good... what? Night? Morning? Anything inbetween?
(2013-02-25 10:40:47 GMT) Zara: Definitely morning, but of the before-dawn variety. Hello!
(2013-02-25 10:41:01 GMT) Guest 2: Ciao cara.
(2013-02-25 10:41:15 GMT) Guest 2: Tunnel time for me. It's be a busy week end.
(2013-02-25 10:41:59 GMT) Guest 2: I like the paragraph you wrote, you have so much fantasy!
(2013-02-25 10:42:02 GMT) Zara: Busy here too.
(2013-02-25 10:42:46 GMT) Zara: *smiles* Thank you!
(2013-02-25 10:43:06 GMT) Guest 2: you know, it seems really that we hare *having* that conversation!
(2013-02-25 10:43:29 GMT) Guest 2: oh, my - no hares around
- just are.
(2013-02-25 10:45:06 GMT) Zara: Understood. I'm finding these characters compelling.
(2013-02-25 10:46:31 GMT) Guest 2: Definitely. They ring "true".
(2013-02-25 10:46:47 GMT) Guest 2: I also liked what you wrote in the other duel. A lot.
(2013-02-25 10:47:32 GMT) Zara: Oh, good! Opening discussions between two characters who don't know each other very well can be a little tricky.
(2013-02-25 10:49:14 GMT) Guest 2: that's precisely why it sounds "true". When you write fiction, it's like playing chess alone, you know what moves the "other" is going to make.
(2013-02-25 10:50:17 GMT) Zara: Partner-writing gives that touch of the unexpected, to make if more "real.
(2013-02-25 10:51:39 GMT) Guest 2: Yes. That is what I imagined. And that's why I wanted to try. I was sorry when Je found out that her writing "well" was dry. I am having so much fun!
(2013-02-25 10:52:26 GMT) Zara: I am a little sorry for Je then, but happy they idea stayed with you.
(2013-02-25 10:52:48 GMT) Zara: *the* idea
(2013-02-25 10:52:52 GMT) Guest 2: And I am happy that I found you.
(2013-02-25 10:53:25 GMT) Zara: Now I am smiling some more while I study my del's and della's...
(2013-02-25 10:53:41 GMT) Guest 2: Tricky language, Italian, isn't it?
(2013-02-25 10:54:38 GMT) Zara: Some of the patterns actually remind me of studying Greek for my New Testament courses...
(2013-02-25 10:55:12 GMT) Zara: It is matching the plural and singular with masculine or feminine that iss very exciting for me at the moment.
(2013-02-25 10:55:23 GMT) Zara: Heavens, *is*
(2013-02-25 10:56:04 GMT) Guest 2: yes, I can understand that's a difficul habit for you to absorb. You must "think" about it, we don't.
(2013-02-25 10:56:53 GMT) Zara: Indeed. An admirable pattern...just one an English mind must make room for.
(2013-02-25 10:58:56 GMT) Guest 2: About "del", actually only the first one is wrong. The others just come from continuing the pattern: Tina is speaking "of", so I think also in English it's correct to continue with "of", introducing the other things she mentions. But many Italian would have written the rest of the sentence as you did.
(2013-02-25 11:00:57 GMT) Guest 2: oh, and yes, it's okay to write "Village", no need to translate the foreign names.
(2013-02-25 11:01:32 GMT) Zara: Good. Thank you!
(2013-02-25 11:01:38 GMT) Zara: ...And I see I was so careful not to write pò, I missed the apostrophe in po'. Ah, me.
(2013-02-25 11:02:55 GMT) Guest 2: Oh, you are SO Italian in this!
(2013-02-25 11:03:13 GMT) Zara: Happy to be an honorary Italian, then. *smiles*
(2013-02-25 11:03:31 GMT) Guest 2: you are. Only a small percentage of Italians write it correctly.
(2013-02-25 11:05:04 GMT) Zara: Thank you for "profumava" too. You know, I cannot imagine trying to learn without a kind guide. That one is rather ah, embbarrassing.
(2013-02-25 11:05:59 GMT) Guest 2: That's why I'm always so self-conscious about my English, and feel nervous when I have to post something for the wide audience.
(2013-02-25 11:06:28 GMT) Zara: Hmm. Hands *not* cooperating. *Embarrassing*
(2013-02-25 11:06:48 GMT) Guest 2: The snowball - snowglobe I posted on Episode discussion comes to ming -- <blush>
(2013-02-25 11:07:04 GMT) Guest 2: MIND! hands not cooperating here either.
(2013-02-25 11:07:25 GMT) Zara: Oh. Understood!
(2013-02-25 11:07:39 GMT) Guest 2: I read that you are corresponding with Pat! I hoped that it would happen. She's such a nice person.
(2013-02-25 11:08:33 GMT) Zara: Oh, yes! I hope and believe I am finding a new friend in Pat. She is a dear one.
(2013-02-25 11:09:09 GMT) Zara: She mentioned you asked her to write an essay, so you know her in email as well?
(2013-02-25 11:10:29 GMT) Guest 2: I keep an eye on fandom, as you know, and when she wrote about her enthusiasm as a new comer, I asked her to write something, like I did for you. But our correspondence was just about that.
(2013-02-25 11:11:12 GMT) Guest 2: If you are sharing insights about B&B --- may I beg to be included? <hopeful smile>
(2013-02-25 11:12:26 GMT) Zara: If you wish, I don't see why not! It is easy t o cop[y in email addresses.I will ask her.
(2013-02-25 11:12:53 GMT) Guest 2: Of course, only the B&B part of it! I don't want to intrude.
(2013-02-25 11:13:27 GMT) Zara: Well, she has been ill with a cold, so BB&B has been getting plenty of time for her thoughts lately, as a way to pass the time.
(2013-02-25 11:15:37 GMT) Guest 2: It's only that it seems to me that she's having deep insights and a way of approaching things that I like. But as I said, I don't want to intrude.
(2013-02-25 11:17:25 GMT) Zara: That is fair. And I will ask. She goes online in about an hour or so. She'll see the email first thing.
(2013-02-25 11:20:29 GMT) Guest 2: Thank you - no worry whatsoever if you or she prefer to keep the correspondence private, okay? I understand.
(2013-02-25 11:21:10 GMT) Zara: Good, and you're welcome
(2013-02-25 11:21:52 GMT) Zara: Hmm. Shall I take up the challenge of writing our dear signora Tina as she tells Vincent her story?
(2013-02-25 11:22:15 GMT) Zara: That is quite an opening you have left me *smiles*
(2013-02-25 11:22:30 GMT) Guest 2: Absolutely. *I* am VERY interested in signora Tina's story!
(2013-02-25 11:23:10 GMT) Zara: Well, I don't know it myself yet, ha ha! We shall both have to see what this character has to say about her self.
(2013-02-25 11:23:28 GMT) Guest 2: Exactly. It's thrilling.
(2013-02-25 11:24:07 GMT) Guest 2: And for me, it's genial to have brought Sebastian in the mix. He's such an interesting character!
(2013-02-25 11:24:12 GMT) Zara: Writing is SO amazing. Like magic, like holidays, like dreams.
(2013-02-25 11:24:20 GMT) Guest 2: Like snow...
(2013-02-25 11:24:34 GMT) Zara: Like walking softly through the snow.
(2013-02-25 11:24:55 GMT) Guest 2: Almost 30
centimeters here!
(2013-02-25 11:26:10 GMT) Guest 2: Saturday night I walked a few kilometers at night, back from dinner with friends, through a park - a very urban, little park - while the snowflakes whirled around me... I could see Vincent everywhere!
(2013-02-25 11:26:56 GMT) Zara: Beautiful!
(2013-02-25 11:27:05 GMT) Guest 2: Definitely!
(2013-02-25 11:27:23 GMT) Zara: And 30 cm is some serious snow.
(2013-02-25 11:27:34 GMT) Guest 2: well, for us it is.
(2013-02-25 11:27:54 GMT) Guest 2: last year we had almost one meter, but it was only once. It was great!
(2013-02-25 11:29:30 GMT) Zara: So fun. Here it is also serious, but because our utilities are so delicate. 30 cm almost guarantees electrical problems.
(2013-02-25 11:31:10 GMT) Guest 2: oh! just discovered that this thing HAS noise! I am revising my latest translation - about Beauty, or lack thereof, in contemporary art, no less - and was in a different window. It makes noise when a new sentence is added in chat. yay!
(2013-02-25 11:33:00 GMT) Zara: Useful. You do so many translations. If I may ask, is this your profession?
(2013-02-25 11:34:57 GMT) Guest 2: Oh, yes, didn't I tell you? Actually, I am self-employed and do... whatever they pay me for. Among the rest, I translate for a little socio-political-religious-philosopical review.
(2013-02-25 11:38:26 GMT) Zara: Ah! I did not know. But good for you! It must be an interesting periodical.
(2013-02-25 11:38:57 GMT) Guest 2: Yes, it is. I learn so much doing those translations!
(2013-02-25 11:40:04 GMT) Zara: Hence the struggles with that thorny French text not long ago.
(2013-02-25 11:40:37 GMT) Guest 2: that was one of the most difficult I ever had to do.
(2013-02-25 11:41:33 GMT) Zara: I sounded hard! I had to really grapple with the little tiny section you shared.
(2013-02-25 11:43:08 GMT) Zara: *It* sounded. *sigh*
(2013-02-25 11:43:42 GMT) Guest 2: I asked help to Claire/Cosi/NYCUtopia, I don't know if you met her on some lists, she's French and language is one of her passions... and it was challenging for her as well. I felt better, the problem was not mine, but of the author's!
(2013-02-25 11:46:01 GMT) Zara: I've seen her in BBTV, I think. such encouragement helps.
(2013-02-25 12:04:55 GMT) Zara: I don't know if you've visited ED yet. I only hope I haven't muddled things there. But I was wondering if you wished to open that thread about Catherine you mentioned?
(2013-02-25 12:05:48 GMT) Zara: I did not want to overlap with a question I want to ask about how Vincent and Catherine grow in that episode.
(2013-02-25 12:05:54 GMT) Guest 2: I have just sent my translation. Now I'll have a bit of lunch, and then go exploring the tunnels.
(2013-02-25 12:06:09 GMT) Zara: Lunch is good.
(2013-02-25 12:07:40 GMT) Guest 2: I'm keeping this window open, but don't feel compelled to watch it.
(2013-02-25 12:08:33 GMT) Zara: Okay. I should really try to get some sleep. Enjoy your lunch!
(2013-02-25 12:08:57 GMT) Guest 2: And you, enjoy your sleep!
(2013-02-25 12:09:01 GMT) Guest 2: hugs!
(2013-02-25 12:09:12 GMT) Zara: hugs back!