16 January 2013 Chat Log

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16 January 2013 Chat Log

by Zara » Sat Aug 10, 2013 1:03 pm

(2013-01-16 19:55:55 GMT) Guest 1: hello Zara!
(2013-01-16 19:56:32 GMT) Guest 1: are you here?
(2013-01-16 19:57:05 GMT) Zara: Yes!
(2013-01-16 19:57:13 GMT) Guest 1: oh, good.
(2013-01-16 19:57:17 GMT) Zara: I was just emailing, but chat is more immediate.
(2013-01-16 19:57:20 GMT) Zara: :)
(2013-01-16 19:57:31 GMT) Guest 1: I was reading your beautiful paragraph, and feel intimidated.
(2013-01-16 19:57:51 GMT) Guest 1: I don't know how to continue...
(2013-01-16 19:58:11 GMT) Zara: <offers hugs> An emotional challenge, yes?
(2013-01-16 19:58:19 GMT) Guest 1: absolutely.
(2013-01-16 19:58:41 GMT) Zara: I will tell you a secret I have learned writing NIBAC...
(2013-01-16 19:58:51 GMT) Guest 1: yes?
(2013-01-16 20:00:10 GMT) Zara: First, I imagine my best idea about what a specific character might be thinking or doing in the present situation...
(2013-01-16 20:00:49 GMT) Zara: I write down that idea. The writing often starts out shallow...
(2013-01-16 20:01:21 GMT) Zara: Then I say gently to myself and my words: "Write it deeper, write it true."
(2013-01-16 20:02:29 GMT) Zara: If you are the writer, representing Vincent with your words, he has just offered a private memorial to Howie. What might he think or do next...knowing that eventually we expect him to make a special visit Up to Lucy too?
(2013-01-16 20:03:51 GMT) Guest 1: Oh, I can imagine something. I can imagine, for instance, that the book from which he removed the dry flowers was not just a container. But
(2013-01-16 20:04:08 GMT) Guest 1: but it's the step three that frightens me.
(2013-01-16 20:05:07 GMT) Guest 1: I do have ideas, I can even write them. But they won't ever be like I wish them to be, once on the "paper". I think you'll find the same difficulty when dueling in Italian.
(2013-01-16 20:05:26 GMT) Guest 1: Especially because your own writing is so ripe, so...
(2013-01-16 20:05:31 GMT) Guest 1: so good.
(2013-01-16 20:07:21 GMT) Zara: <more hugs> I started writing for B&B because I had a very similar terror...even writing in English...for the original stories I am slowly crafting. That what I wish to say cannot come out on paper as beautifully as I "see" it in my imagination.
(2013-01-16 20:07:47 GMT) Zara: The language differences only increase the challenge, and greatly. You have my understanding.
(2013-01-16 20:09:30 GMT) Guest 1: I like it very much though, and I intend to try hard. It's only that I make things simple, as to making sentences and as to using words. There will be a great difference of style. Oh, well.
(2013-01-16 20:13:05 GMT) Zara: The style differences will not matter. I think if we wish to smooth out such things later, the polishing process will be very useful in the future. But the Story...it is the Story that needs telling in this moment. I offer familiar words to you: "Don't be afraid. You're not alone." Our hero uses simple words and sentences too. "Trust yourself."
(2013-01-16 20:13:34 GMT) Guest 1: indeed. And I'll tell you my own secret.
(2013-01-16 20:14:42 GMT) Guest 1: Since I cannot fully appreciate the perfection of words, in English, I only enjoy the stories that have something to say that, even if said in a simple way, would keep their magic.
(2013-01-16 20:15:11 GMT) Guest 1: too often the stories are just a display of "bravura", virtuosism.
(2013-01-16 20:15:56 GMT) Guest 1: the playwrighter in me needs first and foremost the story... THEN the ribbons.
(2013-01-16 20:16:12 GMT) Guest 1: mmm... sorry, playwright.
(2013-01-16 20:16:26 GMT) Zara: <smiles> No worries. Listening.
(2013-01-16 20:17:23 GMT) Guest 1: that's it. I am very picky in my choices, I think I already told you, also because I need a good story. Not a "nothing" buried under beautiful words.
(2013-01-16 20:19:56 GMT) Zara: Perhaps we could say the beauty lives within the story? And the words are just the vehicle...or the frame...for the beauty?
(2013-01-16 20:20:51 GMT) Guest 1: exactly! See? I had the idea in me, but you put the words.
(2013-01-16 20:21:08 GMT) Guest 1: And what about the other room?
(2013-01-16 20:21:23 GMT) Guest 1: did you find out what is it that does not work?
(2013-01-16 20:22:19 GMT) Zara: Yes, and you are going to read my mind for me in Italian too, and say the things I wish to say? <grins>
(2013-01-16 20:22:46 GMT) Zara: I did not figure out the weird problem in the other room. I will remove the password and see if that helps.
(2013-01-16 20:22:49 GMT) Guest 1: I will try, oh, yes, I will.
(2013-01-16 20:23:05 GMT) Guest 1: how is the room access set?
(2013-01-16 20:23:25 GMT) Guest 1: the one above, did you see me opening it?
(2013-01-16 20:24:36 GMT) Zara: Checking settings...and no. I can see your mouse cursor in this room, but not what you do in other rooms.
(2013-01-16 20:25:56 GMT) Guest 1: no, here in this room, I see the room access dropdown menu- it's above our chat box and below the list of users online. Are those settings the same in the Italian room?
(2013-01-16 20:26:34 GMT) Zara: Ah. Checking that now.
(2013-01-16 20:28:09 GMT) Zara: Yes, it appears to be. Also, you are now listed by email as an invited participant in all three of our rooms. That was not the case an hour ago. Perhaps the system has updated itself now.
(2013-01-16 20:29:01 GMT) Guest 1: yessss!
(2013-01-16 20:29:32 GMT) Zara: Ha! You're in!
(2013-01-16 20:29:49 GMT) Guest 1: yes, probably it was a matter of time.
(2013-01-16 20:30:04 GMT) Zara: We are soooo impatient.
(2013-01-16 20:30:11 GMT) Guest 1: so, now, do you have any comfort zone in Italian?
(2013-01-16 20:30:27 GMT) Guest 1: some topic you feel comfortable with.
(2013-01-16 20:32:22 GMT) Zara: <laughs> I have two dictionaries, two grammar books, and a lot of stubborn desire to learn. I am happy to explore any characters that appeal. I am most comfortable in the Tunnels.
(2013-01-16 20:33:11 GMT) Guest 1: we'll see. I must confess
(2013-01-16 20:33:25 GMT) Guest 1: that I watched the Italian episodes looooong ago
(2013-01-16 20:33:42 GMT) Guest 1: and that I don't remember very well how they did the translations.
(2013-01-16 20:33:50 GMT) Guest 1: I only remember that they were HORRIBLE.
(2013-01-16 20:34:17 GMT) Guest 1: Often wrong, although "beautiful".
(2013-01-16 20:34:25 GMT) Guest 1: For instance, Mouse speaks a perfect Italian.
(2013-01-16 20:35:17 GMT) Guest 1: I have especially problems with the places. I don't remember how they called the Mirror Poor or the Whispering Gallery in Italian for instance.
(2013-01-16 20:35:44 GMT) Zara: I'm giggling now. It will be an experiment.
(2013-01-16 20:35:50 GMT) Guest 1: But Italian I can speak, and I can edit yours, resta assured <smile>
(2013-01-16 20:37:16 GMT) Zara: Grazie.
(2013-01-16 20:37:30 GMT) Guest 1: prego...
(2013-01-16 20:38:32 GMT) Guest 1: we can exchange files here, can't we?
(2013-01-16 20:39:20 GMT) Zara: Yes...although the files upload into the rooms, creating many pages if they are text documents.
(2013-01-16 20:39:46 GMT) Zara: Other media seem to be more compact. An image is just an image, for example.
(2013-01-16 20:40:48 GMT) Guest 1: I may have something for you, although not tonight. A group of
(2013-01-16 20:41:13 GMT) Guest 1: fans coming from Europe and Japan made a file with the same scenes of B&B
(2013-01-16 20:41:27 GMT) Guest 1: in several languages,
(2013-01-16 20:41:45 GMT) Guest 1: english, German, French, Russian, Italian, Japanese
(2013-01-16 20:42:04 GMT) Guest 1: I think it may be interesting for a language lover like you.
(2013-01-16 20:42:43 GMT) Zara: Goodness. Yes! Is this file too large for email?
(2013-01-16 20:43:10 GMT) Guest 1: I fear it is. But it is going to be posted as a special treat for Winterfest.
(2013-01-16 20:43:28 GMT) Guest 1: and then will have a permanent home on BatBforever.
(2013-01-16 20:44:27 GMT) Guest 1: I am debating with myself if it can be shared before WFOL...
(2013-01-16 20:45:07 GMT) Zara: I can be patient...it will make Winterfest very special for a creature like me. <smiles>
(2013-01-16 20:46:24 GMT) Guest 1: I don't know if you have seen the last candle/announcement. It says that the deadline for stories is past, but for all other things it was moved on to January 21. So, including a music recording...
(2013-01-16 20:47:08 GMT) Zara: Yup. K has been ill, or there would be no question for my music. I have a few days. We'll see.
(2013-01-16 20:47:29 GMT) Guest 1: Oh, poor. What happened?
(2013-01-16 20:48:09 GMT) Zara: <sigh> Pneumonia. It is another reason we were in Portland, Oregon so long. It is much easier to get medicine in the city.
(2013-01-16 20:48:39 GMT) Guest 1: mamma mia!
(2013-01-16 20:48:49 GMT) Zara: Exactly.
(2013-01-16 20:48:56 GMT) Guest 1: how is he now?
(2013-01-16 20:49:45 GMT) Zara: <chuckles> He was getting better, but now he has caught a new cold from one of his co-workers. We are going to the doctor in a few minutes for advice.
(2013-01-16 20:50:18 GMT) Guest 1: a warm hug and an Italian kiss for him!
(2013-01-16 20:50:44 GMT) Guest 1: I also have to go make a phone call before it gets too late, it's almost 10pm here.
(2013-01-16 20:51:15 GMT) Zara: Yes. Take care, dear friend. And be encouraged about the writing.
(2013-01-16 20:51:33 GMT) Guest 1: I am, oh, I am!
(2013-01-16 20:51:40 GMT) Guest 1: ciao, see you tomorrow.
(2013-01-16 20:51:56 GMT) Zara: Tomorrow. With love, Z.