What's the process for Winterfest Online submissions?

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What's the process for Winterfest Online submissions?

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First you'll get your work finished. If your work is writing, then part of this process is to have your work edited. If you don't know any editors, try posting in the Help - editing subforum.

Next, get your work posted - the details of that depend on where you're posting it. Check other threads below.

Then you'll submit the details of your work - and a link - into our Submissions Database: http://www.batbwfol.com/Winterfest2017/ ... ssions.asp.

Answer the questions, copy the URL of your posted work and paste it into the form, then click 'save'. That's it! On the day of WFOL you've chosen your work to appear, it will show up in the list of submissions for all visitors to click on and enjoy.

Important note: When you post your work, be careful to keep it private until Winterfest. It wouldn't do for everyone to open all the presents early and then have nothing new to play with on Winterfest morning!
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