Wish List for Extras

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Wish List for Extras

Post by gabi »

What would you like to see included in the DVDs other than the episodes?


Post by dsrtangel »

how about return of some of the content that was ditched from the (eventual) various seasons. (for whatever season... ie... season 1 stuff that was ditched added to the extras for the season 1 disc set...) although, im sure that might be a stretch.

for that matter....how bout what EVERYONE wants to see.... the #@$ kiss that nobody got to see that WAS taped. lol.

actor interviews/reflection/etc. heck.... i think even a actor commentary would be cool too. (circa: LOTR trilogy extras for example)

my 2 cents

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Post by lea »

The Kiss. Or rather, the kisses. All of them!
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Post by Elaine »

I'd like to have commentary by some of the directors. I've read comments by various members of the writing staff -- and some by Victor Lobl, one of the directors -- but I'd love to hear from Gus Trikonis, Thomas J. Wright and others. And, of course, Ron Koslow.

Those extras

Post by hanklove »

I think my request for videos of Ron and Linda being interviewed on TV talk shows should have appeared here...oops. Surely they did this kind of promo in the early days. Can they be found?
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