What are some of your favorite episodes from season 1?

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What are some of your favorite episodes from season 1?

Post by Shiloh »

It's so hard to choose, haha! I think I'll do a top 10...

01. Pilot: obviously, this is where it all began!
02. A Happy Life: such great acting
03. A Children's Story
04. China Moon
05. Everything Is Everything
06. Masques
07. Ozymandias
08. An Impossible Silence
09. Terrible Savior
10. The Beast Within

That was REALLY hard, as I love nearly all of the episodes in the first two seasons equally!
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Post by gabi »

That is a great list, I think mine would be quite similar to yours.

Looking at the episodes you have chosen I would recommend you not to miss the epi-chats scheduled for this week, either the double feature on Tuesday and/or the marathon on Saturday.
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Post by Cosi »

"Promises of Someday" was and remains one of my favorites.
I'll try and be there at least for that part of the Saturday chat!

Otherwise I pretty much agree with Shiloh's list (different order maybe)

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Favorite episode?

Post by hanklove »

Oh, what a difficult choice to try to make. Some friends and I did our own episode study and it was truly amazing to find wonders in every episode. We looked at acting, facial and body expressions, tried to see things we might not have seen before in backgrounds, even commented on costumes and hair styles and tiny 'errors' that we noticed. It was such fun and so enriching...I loved episodes I hadn't thought I liked too much. So, I can't choose among the Season 1 offerings. It is simply too hard!

Post by Vicky »

It's definitelyy hard to choose! :idea: I'm translating the whole first season to spanish, so that some friends will be able to enjoy as well, and yet again I realise I'll never be able to make such a list. Almost all of them have tuched me in deep places: "Promises of someday" and my so special relationship with my brother; "An impossible silence" and my own disability; "A happy life" and the decissions I must make right now... I could go on forever! :lol: But above all, the love and commitment displayed by our favourite couple all the way. It still feels like a dream to have you all to talk to about this! :D
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Post by Cat »

Hard to choose, but I'll try.

Once upon a Time in the City of New York
A Happy Life
Promises of Someday
Shades of Gray
Temptation (for the V&C scene)
The Beast Within

And all the rest. It's really hard to choose, and those are in no particular order. Each time I put them in order, I change them again, so I guess I'll just leave the list as it is, but tell you I can't put them in order. It changes, depending on which scenes I'm thinking about at the time.


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Post by mini4many »

I have to admit.....I love all of them but my all time love will always be "Once Upon a Time", the pilot episode. That is the episode I saw first and that caused me to fall in love with BatB. After it aired I was hooked for life.

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