Beast Within (March 25)

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Beast Within (March 25)

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jecris27 (3:13:17 PM): 3
jecris27 (3:13:18 PM): 2
jecris27 (3:13:20 PM): 1
mini4many (3:13:31 PM): and the music and THAT voice begins
vickychandler87 (3:13:36 PM): :-)
lamartus (3:13:38 PM): =D>
hrhkitty1 (3:13:41 PM): 8->
jecris27 (3:14:53 PM): i wanna go back to nyc!
jecris27 (3:15:03 PM): next year, i guess
vickychandler87 (3:15:06 PM): lol!
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:15:09 PM): i want to go to the tunnels period lol
joaniegirl75 (3:15:18 PM): I hope I get to go.
jecris27 (3:15:21 PM): i'd like to visit the tunnels
mini4many (3:15:24 PM): yes, next year
joaniegirl75 (3:16:10 PM): Love that car.
jecris27 (3:16:53 PM): this is too many people in on this killing :-(
esmith591 (3:17:00 PM): yes
vickychandler87 (3:17:06 PM): yes
mini4many (3:17:20 PM): darn it...punched wrong button ....instead of volumne.....where are we?
esmith591 (3:17:30 PM): container about to fall
joaniegirl75 (3:17:31 PM): But they were supposed to be so intimidated that they wouldn't talk.
esmith591 (3:17:54 PM): icky way to die
jecris27 (3:18:05 PM): yes, icky
mini4many (3:18:20 PM): ahhhh the Vman
vickychandler87 (3:18:42 PM): There!
jecris27 (3:19:13 PM): lighting not right yet
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:20:03 PM): sadly too often true
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:20:14 PM): at least in the world above
vickychandler87 (3:20:16 PM): Right Debbie
jecris27 (3:21:15 PM): love this conversation with edie! :-D
lamartus (3:21:23 PM): Me too
esmith591 (3:21:23 PM): yes
jecris27 (3:22:36 PM): grrr moreno
vickychandler87 (3:22:46 PM): lol!
vickychandler87 (3:22:56 PM): Who would have thought...
vickychandler87 (3:23:44 PM): Frank was nice
joaniegirl75 (3:23:57 PM): In a way they did him a disservice.
vickychandler87 (3:24:08 PM): True
jecris27 (3:24:08 PM): deaf and dumb. my first thought was dungeons and dragons...
vickychandler87 (3:24:19 PM): :-D
lamartus (3:24:24 PM): lol
jecris27 (3:27:07 PM): we're all quiet. has it been while for all of since we've seen this episode?
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:27:15 PM): enchanted
esmith591 (3:27:25 PM): yes
joaniegirl75 (3:27:27 PM): Makeup not quite right on Vincent.
mini4many (3:27:30 PM): yes
esmith591 (3:27:34 PM): A lot of distance between them on the balcony
joaniegirl75 (3:27:51 PM): Yeah. Speaks volumes.
joaniegirl75 (3:28:46 PM): You are stupid.
vickychandler87 (3:29:11 PM): Timely...
vickychandler87 (3:29:26 PM): yes
esmith591 (3:29:29 PM): I always think these guys were put up to this by Mitch
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:29:33 PM): lucky
jecris27 (3:29:40 PM): ooooh, good thought
esmith591 (3:29:49 PM): Because why pick Sam otherwise
vickychandler87 (3:29:54 PM): Makes sense
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:30:03 PM): why not if just going through building
esmith591 (3:30:18 PM): they came from outside. Went straight to his apartment.
joaniegirl75 (3:30:26 PM): never tho't of that. But there are so many rumors about old people having money.
esmith591 (3:30:39 PM): Not in a building like that one.
mini4many (3:30:44 PM): yea, the building is full of old people i'll bet.....they could have his someone on the 1st floor, they didn't need to go upstairs
joaniegirl75 (3:31:14 PM): I'll bet the writers never even tho't of that.
joaniegirl75 (3:31:40 PM): Wow, nasty.
vickychandler87 (3:31:41 PM): They never thought of many things
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:31:49 PM): daughter just messed up vid.... where are we ? had to restart
joaniegirl75 (3:31:52 PM): LOL That's true.
esmith591 (3:32:00 PM): Mitch just entering tunnels
mini4many (3:32:09 PM): Mitch is going down to the basement to enter the tunnels
esmith591 (3:32:36 PM): Nothng like a stealthy approach
vickychandler87 (3:32:39 PM): Now why did he go in the first place?
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:32:43 PM): vin rushing towards?
vickychandler87 (3:32:52 PM): It was not to visit home, was it? lol
vickychandler87 (3:32:59 PM): Not yet
mini4many (3:33:08 PM): no, i think he wanted to see Vincent
esmith591 (3:33:09 PM): No vincent yet
esmith591 (3:33:20 PM): sentry
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:33:20 PM): ok can someone give me a shout when mitch says i've come home... got it paused
vickychandler87 (3:33:32 PM): maybe, but I wonder what for...
mini4many (3:33:49 PM): Vincent running
jecris27 (3:33:51 PM): run, Vincent, run!
jecris27 (3:33:53 PM): lol
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:34:23 PM): amazing how fast he was with those layers of clothes and cloak
jecris27 (3:34:28 PM): go!
lamartus (3:34:28 PM): Now Debbie
mini4many (3:34:28 PM): now Deb
esmith591 (3:34:28 PM): go, debbie - that's it
vickychandler87 (3:34:35 PM): You can here his footsteps clearer than ever
vickychandler87 (3:34:36 PM): lol!
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:34:44 PM): thanks :-)
jecris27 (3:34:45 PM): lol
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:35:00 PM): still an intruder
jecris27 (3:36:36 PM): nice
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:37:01 PM): ever the optimist
joaniegirl75 (3:37:13 PM): nasty barb.
vickychandler87 (3:37:20 PM): It kinda should have hurt him to take Mitch out...
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:37:30 PM): meant vincent thinking mitch was better and still could be
vickychandler87 (3:37:43 PM): Right
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:38:20 PM): mitch told on devin even as a kid with the knife from promises of someday - bad kid, bad adult
vickychandler87 (3:38:35 PM): Yes
jecris27 (3:39:07 PM): not the kind of cat you play with catherine
jecris27 (3:39:08 PM): lol
esmith591 (3:39:10 PM): "not the kind of cat you play with" - lol
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:39:13 PM): second warning to cath
esmith591 (3:39:15 PM): rofl
vickychandler87 (3:39:16 PM): Lol!
jecris27 (3:39:18 PM): she has a better cat for that!
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:39:25 PM): lol yeah she has a cat to play with grin
esmith591 (3:39:26 PM): absolutely
vickychandler87 (3:39:27 PM): It's the first time I remember Edie call her Catherine
mini4many (3:39:45 PM): yea....she calls her Cath
vickychandler87 (3:39:48 PM): Well, other than her full name when searching for her background in the pilot
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:40:14 PM): cath is more informal .. casual... think edie wanted to get catherine attention by using full name to emphasis danger
hrhkitty1 (3:41:08 PM): like when your parents used your full name
esmith591 (3:41:09 PM): good thing she has her car
vickychandler87 (3:41:11 PM): Hmmm... There's nothing like witness protection in this country... hope there was...
hrhkitty1 (3:41:17 PM): you KNEW you were in trouble
mini4many (3:41:24 PM): good thing C took her own car this night
jecris27 (3:41:31 PM): i knew i was in trouble when they added my middle name
jecris27 (3:41:32 PM): lol
esmith591 (3:41:38 PM): that's what middle names are for
hrhkitty1 (3:41:40 PM): oh yeah
jecris27 (3:41:51 PM): lol
vickychandler87 (3:41:54 PM): Lol!
esmith591 (3:41:55 PM): love this scene.
esmith591 (3:42:02 PM): She doesn't move when he appears
vickychandler87 (3:42:05 PM): me too!
mini4many (3:42:07 PM): my same reaction......even my children and grandchildren's too
esmith591 (3:42:07 PM): The only time
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:42:39 PM): think she was reluctant to tell vin person killed as his warning was valid and she pushed it off
mini4many (3:42:49 PM): this is the only time that V asks C to stop
vickychandler87 (3:43:04 PM): Oooh, if I ever lost you...
esmith591 (3:43:05 PM): also with Steven Bass
esmith591 (3:43:08 PM): but that's different
vickychandler87 (3:43:13 PM): true
vickychandler87 (3:43:32 PM): Is there stil much distance between them?
jecris27 (3:43:39 PM): no
esmith591 (3:43:39 PM): Yes, a bit
esmith591 (3:43:41 PM): lol
jecris27 (3:43:45 PM): not as much
jecris27 (3:43:57 PM): but not as close as we like to see them ;-)
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:44:03 PM): *grin*
jecris27 (3:44:28 PM): i like sweeney
esmith591 (3:44:37 PM): yes, he's good
vickychandler87 (3:44:40 PM): Yeah, and his kids
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:44:41 PM): and he's got couple good kids too
jecris27 (3:44:46 PM): and his wife
mini4many (3:45:00 PM): he is scared.....i can't blame him
esmith591 (3:45:06 PM): wonder who the casting director was
jecris27 (3:45:08 PM): no, can't blame him
esmith591 (3:45:10 PM): good work usually
mini4many (3:46:17 PM): talk about a supportive family
jecris27 (3:46:26 PM): yes
jecris27 (3:46:43 PM): you raised em right!
vickychandler87 (3:47:03 PM): Good!
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:47:24 PM): yeah sometimes what you teach your kids comes rigfht back at ya
joaniegirl75 (3:47:36 PM): pareent's words sometimes come back to haunt them.
mini4many (3:47:47 PM): amen to is extremely hard for a teen to be moved around......and Sweeny's two teens are ready to do whatever it takes to support thier father
vickychandler87 (3:47:54 PM): What's that they're typing in?
esmith591 (3:47:55 PM): ha - picture moved!
esmith591 (3:48:03 PM): Court reporter's machine
vickychandler87 (3:48:20 PM): Strange keyboard... thanks
lamartus (3:48:46 PM): Taquígrafo, Vicky? Do you use that word?
mini4many (3:48:59 PM): like a shorthand typewriter....:D
esmith591 (3:49:00 PM): It is a strange keyboard. Much narrower -- more like an adding machine than a typewriter
esmith591 (3:49:20 PM): Text comes out on a long roll of paper
vickychandler87 (3:49:36 PM): Didn't know that, thanks
esmith591 (3:49:44 PM): in a kind of code, I think, and the reporter transcribes it later
hrhkitty1 (3:49:51 PM): thank you
mini4many (3:50:04 PM): talk about good timing eh"
esmith591 (3:50:14 PM): lots of fortuitous timing in this ep
vickychandler87 (3:50:22 PM): True
mini4many (3:50:40 PM): for everyone except for C.....she gets shot
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:50:41 PM): yeah but if they had gone in a bit earlier just means they would have died sooner and cath not gotten shot
esmith591 (3:51:18 PM): I swear -- for a doorman building -- they have the worst security
jecris27 (3:51:22 PM): creepy place for a commercial break!
jecris27 (3:51:27 PM): i agree, elaine
vickychandler87 (3:51:28 PM): lol!
joaniegirl75 (3:51:30 PM): If she had stayed behind the boxes she wouldn't have been shot.
hrhkitty1 (3:51:30 PM): but Vincent is there ar least to help when she is
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:51:41 PM): yeah fire the doorman
jecris27 (3:52:12 PM): go, catherine!
mini4many (3:52:18 PM): C was out of bullets....didn't know V ws that close.....her only option was to try and get out of there
vickychandler87 (3:52:18 PM): Go girl!
esmith591 (3:52:27 PM): good shot
vickychandler87 (3:52:46 PM): oh!
joaniegirl75 (3:53:00 PM): ah,didn't figure that out.
mini4many (3:53:05 PM): that cry out......ohhhhhh
vickychandler87 (3:53:06 PM): Is it night?
esmith591 (3:53:12 PM): yes
esmith591 (3:53:20 PM): hospital
joaniegirl75 (3:53:23 PM): not a roar but a human cry.
vickychandler87 (3:53:38 PM): oh this part!
esmith591 (3:53:39 PM): good makeup
jecris27 (3:53:41 PM): this scene needs a kiss!
esmith591 (3:53:43 PM): she looks like she's in shock
jecris27 (3:54:02 PM): just a wee one, like aragorn's for boromir
mini4many (3:54:20 PM): one MAD purty tat
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:54:37 PM): and one scccarrredd mitch grin
vickychandler87 (3:54:42 PM): Lol!
joaniegirl75 (3:54:48 PM): But controlled.
hrhkitty1 (3:55:02 PM): like David Banner..don't make me angry you wouldn't like me when I'm angry
vickychandler87 (3:55:06 PM): He knows what he's facing...
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:55:07 PM): LOL yep
mini4many (3:55:13 PM): if i had been Mitch i would have gotten out of NYC
vickychandler87 (3:55:14 PM): At least he thought so!
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:55:20 PM): mitch realized he picked the WRONG person to hurt
esmith591 (3:55:37 PM): oops
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:55:38 PM): yeah cab to airport ... first flight out no matter where it goes
hrhkitty1 (3:55:40 PM): he even says that to his goons
vickychandler87 (3:55:54 PM): But how did he know they know eachother? Did he see Vincent coming to get her?
esmith591 (3:56:02 PM): Yes he saw Vincent
mini4many (3:56:05 PM): V's cry out
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:56:07 PM): and sure heard vincent
esmith591 (3:56:13 PM): Right before he said "let's get out of here"
vickychandler87 (3:56:18 PM): Good, now it makes sense!
joaniegirl75 (3:56:39 PM): This sort of like China Moon.
jecris27 (3:56:47 PM): this scene must suck for you, vicky. all music and no indication of what the heck is going on
esmith591 (3:56:48 PM): a bit, yes, Joan
vickychandler87 (3:57:05 PM): Yes there's some indication
jecris27 (3:57:18 PM): the odd roar or body hitting the ground...
vickychandler87 (3:57:31 PM): You know, even steps are always different
lamartus (3:57:38 PM): Stairs of No way Down?
jecris27 (3:57:38 PM): i suppose so
vickychandler87 (3:57:42 PM): And many other details
joaniegirl75 (3:57:50 PM): not me. i wouldn't go.
vickychandler87 (3:57:58 PM): Lol
mini4many (3:58:00 PM): Mitch just got lucky.....that C woke from the operation sedative at just the right time.
vickychandler87 (3:58:17 PM): Yea!
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:58:18 PM): yeah he has too much luck IMHO
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:58:47 PM): course V would have regretted it but still.... He Shot Catherine.
mini4many (3:59:02 PM): i would chance a bet that Mitch wet his pants when V cornered him
joaniegirl75 (3:59:15 PM): I wonder is that R
vickychandler87 (3:59:40 PM): I can imagine Vincent's entire complection changed when she felt her awake
esmith591 (3:59:47 PM): it did
hrhkitty1 (3:59:49 PM): athe the very least mini
joaniegirl75 (3:59:52 PM): P doing all that climbing?
esmith591 (4:00:05 PM): don't know, Joan
esmith591 (4:00:12 PM): great shot of Mitch at the end of the catwalk
jecris27 (4:00:16 PM): yes
joaniegirl75 (4:00:22 PM): He did have a stunt double, didn't he?
hrhkitty1 (4:00:31 PM): you'd think he'd be more of a gibbering idiot with THAT coming at him
mini4many (4:00:37 PM): loved her sedated dream of them together
jecris27 (4:00:47 PM): how many hospitals have you been in where the windows open?
vickychandler87 (4:00:49 PM): This sceen is so very tuching...
vickychandler87 (4:01:06 PM): As if he can't believe it...
esmith591 (4:01:11 PM): yes -- she plays it so young and vulnerable and sweet
joaniegirl75 (4:01:12 PM): None that I know of.
mini4many (4:01:15 PM): no stunt double....RP did all his own running, climbing, swinging, jumping
butterflyfreedomatlast (4:01:15 PM): ya think v is gonna let a little thing like a closed window stop him
joaniegirl75 (4:01:28 PM): wowee, what a man.
lamartus (4:01:37 PM): =D>
mini4many (4:01:40 PM): =D>
esmith591 (4:01:43 PM): And nobody called her father?
jecris27 (4:01:44 PM): very nice
vickychandler87 (4:01:44 PM): Very big sigh...
jecris27 (4:01:56 PM): maybe he didn't get there yet
joaniegirl75 (4:02:11 PM): They left a lot to the audiences imagination.
hrhkitty1 (4:02:13 PM): well maybe he was there at visiting hours
esmith591 (4:02:13 PM): Who is/was Patricia Livingston?
mini4many (4:02:15 PM): they probably had to wait until she woke to get her next of kin from her
butterflyfreedomatlast (4:02:22 PM): yeah couldn't have been alot of time as v hotfooted it after mitch
hrhkitty1 (4:02:48 PM): and if she wasn't in a life threatening condition
butterflyfreedomatlast (4:03:14 PM): catherine chandler would not be recognized?
mini4many (4:03:23 PM): but the hospital would have called the Police....they have to on any gun or knife wound
joaniegirl75 (4:03:34 PM): With all its faults it's still a good episode.
esmith591 (4:03:35 PM): oh, good point, mini
butterflyfreedomatlast (4:03:39 PM): just one more file for spirko
vickychandler87 (4:03:49 PM): Lol Debbie!
esmith591 (4:03:51 PM): Um - Patricia Livingston?
esmith591 (4:03:54 PM): Anybody know?
butterflyfreedomatlast (4:03:58 PM): elaine nope
esmith591 (4:04:15 PM): At the end of the ep - it says always Special Thanks to Patricia Livingston
mini4many (4:04:43 PM): no idea who PL is
butterflyfreedomatlast (4:04:55 PM): she is a writer.... of books not sure beyond that
mini4many (4:05:11 PM): maybe she isn't a writer but an idea's person
joaniegirl75 (4:05:27 PM): Huh! I think I turned it off before I saw that.
mini4many (4:05:55 PM): not a writer on the show....but an advisor or an idea person
esmith591 (4:06:05 PM): It's toward the end of the credits on every show, I think
butterflyfreedomatlast (4:06:06 PM): looks like christian self help by amazon list of her books
butterflyfreedomatlast (4:06:27 PM): course it could just be someone who shares the same name as the author too
esmith591 (4:06:30 PM): true
butterflyfreedomatlast (4:06:44 PM): like jacob wells grin
sonnetsrus123 (4:06:45 PM): sorry I missed the chat---have a lot to do, but wanted to share the excitement of the season 2 DVD Release! Just found out this morning!
esmith591 (4:06:57 PM): You can pre-order already, gilda!
jecris27 (4:07:00 PM): yes, ain't it great!?
esmith591 (4:07:03 PM): :D
butterflyfreedomatlast (4:07:10 PM): 2007 the year of the dvds lol
sonnetsrus123 (4:07:13 PM): SO Fab!
mini4many (4:07:13 PM): Patricia is a co-producer
sonnetsrus123 (4:07:39 PM): any news on any possible bonus features?
vickychandler87 (4:07:39 PM): No wonder when we finish watching the first season we'll start geting ready for celebrating the release!
vickychandler87 (4:07:50 PM): That's after you people come back from the con!
jecris27 (4:08:00 PM): we might have to watch 2 epis some weeks in order to do that
esmith591 (4:08:02 PM): No news. But I wouldn't count on it.
butterflyfreedomatlast (4:08:04 PM): immediately after... going to be sky high that week
mini4many (4:08:05 PM): only 5 months apart
vickychandler87 (4:08:27 PM): Ok all, Patricia Livingston is a co-producer
esmith591 (4:08:31 PM): Oh -- PL also listed as Literary Consultant on the OLAH CD
jecris27 (4:08:38 PM): ah
sonnetsrus123 (4:08:40 PM): My bet is if they release 3S they'll put on some bonus so more people will buy it, otherwise, no bonus features
jecris27 (4:08:52 PM): x:-)x
mini4many (4:08:59 PM): lets delay a couple of weeks after release to have a watching marathon for all those who order and are over seas that get delayed in shipping
jecris27 (4:09:09 PM): sure
butterflyfreedomatlast (4:09:14 PM): if they have hope of big selling on s3 they better include extras from all seasons
vickychandler87 (4:09:17 PM): Along with Alex Ganza and Hopward Gordon
joaniegirl75 (4:09:18 PM): Good idea.
mini4many (4:09:54 PM): maybe the 1st of August.....
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